Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New year resolutions

The new year is almost here. For me it's hopefully a new start. This year didn't go that great. There has been a lot of heartbreak and way too many colds. So this time around I want to better myself. I've always thought making resolutions was stupid. But as I got older and kept finding myself stuck in this hole that is slowly growing smaller, I've realized 2014 I will make two, only two resolutions that I will put all my focus onto.

1. Writing

I want a career in writing. That's my dream. I have a good feeling about my novel. I still need to edit, revise, add in two scenes. I also need to write the query letter (and come up with a hook.) as well as a short and long synopsis. I'm going to do more research, spend more hours on improving my skills and try my hardest to get my novel published. That is my main goal for next year.

2. Better myself

Lose weight, improve my writing and sewing, be a better friend, get over my anxiety, learn how to spell anxiety without using auto correct. Okay, maybe that last one isn't one of them. This goal is pretty basic. I think everyone wants these type of things for themselves. Even if they can't achieve them all, at least you've tried.

I also want to improve this blog and meet new people.

This up-coming year may or may not be a good one. But as long as I try my hardest, I think I'll do okay. What are some of your resolutions?

Sunday, December 29, 2013


The dreaded synopsis. Writing one is cramming your huge novel (mine is 75k.) into two-three pages. You have to write about the important stuff (Plot twist, characters, climax) while leaving all the emotions, connections and casual moments. Yet still trying to make the reader want to know more. It's challenging and I will admit, I'm not a huge fan of writing one. But its necessary. Almost all agents these days ask for a short or longer version of a synopsis.

I haven't written one in a long time so today I took the time to research and refresh my memory on the subject. I've found a few new sites that are super helpful. I've been writing down notes all day and will start writing later this evening. I personally like bouncing ideas off my fiance who has read my novel. We make a game of it and that distraction really helps me get out of the "Shit, I'm writing a synopsis!" phase and allows me to focus on getting the synopsis finished.

Today I've used these sites to take notes from...


I've also found two YA novel synopsis that have been requested by agents. You can find those here.


Reading those really made me inspired. I'm going to try my best and go outside my comfort zone so I can really push myself to work hard on these professional files.

That's it for today. Not a very long post. I've been doing research most of the day which is causing me to go crazy as I've been so used to writing and sewing (Took the day off since I need supplies.) everyday. I can't wait to someday share my synopsis.

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

The day after finishing a novel: Day one

I had a heavy feeling lingering after I finished my novel yesterday. This novel has been such an emotional roller coaster. I felt the strong emotional burden the main character felt at the end. It lingered all night. I guess in some ways I too had to let something go. In my own ways this novel was very freeing. It was a reminder that I can still write. And better yet, that I can improve and get better at writing. Which really was enough to rekindle that passion I once had for writing. I feel wonderful. I want to write more and more. Ending this journey makes me feel sad. I've laughed with the characters, cried with them and helped them through tricky challenges. I felt as if I had been the one to go through myself. It feels good to finish this novel.

Today I allowed my fiance to read over the ending scenes. And he said something that excited me. "It's giving me chills." I've never had him say that about my writing before. Truth be told when I write fight scenes I always feel like it isn't good enough but I guess that's because I'm writing it. I only see it flat out in front of me. He saw it the way I wanted it to be seen. I'm so happy it came out better than I had thought. I put a lot of emotion into the final few pages of the novel. He felt the passion. That is all I can ask for.

After reading he gave me some ideas. And they really helped. I went in and revised the last few pages, adding in a lot. Last night when I finished I kept questioning myself "Should I add something more?" And he noticed that and offered me some insight about things he would like to see in it. His ideas were pretty darn good and I agreed. I added them in, changing it a bit and am finally happy to say I am 100% happy with the ending. It leaves it open. In case I decide to write a sequel later on. I think it will also make the readers think. "What happened with this or that?" I like those types of novels. I hope mine is like that. I really tried hard with this one.

And I have a good feeling about it.

Now that the ending has been revised I'll start editing. But not tonight. I use my Kindle for editing so I can read through it while in bed and catch some of those pesky and obvious mistakes before going to bed. Right now I am going to start on either the query letter or the synopsis. Not sure which it depends on which thoughts come to me first. I may start with the synopsis tonight and refresh my memory on how to write a well thought of query letter tomorrow.

Day one after finishing my novel has proven to be a good start. But there is a lot more work to be done.

Thank for you reading!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Done. For now.

When ever I say "I just finished my novel." I mean I've only just started. Yes. The novel is finished. The plot has ended, the characters have said goodbye. But it's just the start. There is editing (This can go on and on. Just don't over do. Stop when you feel you've nit picked your novel enough. over editing is obvious.) and revising. I have a few small scenes I had wanted to write but forgot that I need to go in and write in. It'll also help the word count go up. Not that I'm not okay with where I am at. More words the better. Then there is the task of writing a query letter and a short and long synopsis. That's only if you want to head towards the career writing path. Which I do. I hopefully can get the revising and editing finished before January as there is a contest coming up around Jan.14th that I would like to enter. Although I would much rather have an agent it could be a great way to open a few doors in the writing world. 

There is a lot to do. The journey doesn't end here. I used to think goodbyes were forever. And it may still be the case among people but not with novels. I'll get to read over and editing a lot while I'm in the process of polishing up my manuscript. I'll get to see the characters, hear their voice and follow along on their journey again and again until I am finished and ready to start sending out query letters. Even then I may pop up the word doc on my Kindle just to remind myself of my dreams.

I'm excited. 

I think tonight I will leave the word doc closed. Maybe I'll work on the query letter or synopsis or maybe just sit back, watch a movie and play around with a short story or something. I'm not sure. I'm feeling emotional beat. 

Thank you so much for reading. I'll be updating (hopefully) often as I go through the next steps. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The final run.

I am almost done. Tomorrow will be the day. I'm sure of it now as I write down the final layout for the novel's ending chapters. It's hard to explain the emotions that I feel as they are mixed. I am so happy with this novel. It's refreshing for me knowing I could finish a novel after that long period of time where I could not focus on one novel. I jumped from idea to idea and found myself stuck, craving to finish the novel but wound up rushing it too much. Now I have a good pace, found my voice and am once more enjoying writing. I've put a lot into this novel. And I hope it shows.

I may be finishing the novel but I am not done. 

You see this is only the start.

There is still much to do before I can start sending out query letters. Such as writing the query letter as well as a long and short synopsis. Then we have editing and revising. Although I'm not too worried about editing or revising as I've been taking notes about mistakes and scenes that should be added. So that will not take me long. I will edit three, maybe even five times. It all matters if I or my second pair of eyes find any mistakes after the first few edits. The query letter I need to start working on now since I know how the novel is ending now. As well as the synopsis. As both are important and wind up taking a lot more editing sessions than the novel winds up taking. 

Once that is finished my journey really starts.

I can start picking out agencies, researching the agents and finding out what they are seeking and if I may fit that match. During this period I like to do a ton of research. That means reading interviews, their websites and blogs if they have them as well as read a few of the authors' books they've published. I like to be educated on the agents before hand. 

There are many things that could come of this journey and I can only hope for the best. I've learned a lot from writing this novel. I've put time, love, tears, and all those crazy emotions I get from drinking way too many cups of coffee during the late evening well into the early morning. 

I have an idea for my next novel. But have not yet began the out lining process as I don't want to pull any attention away from my novel right now until it's finished and query letters have been sent. That way all my attention can be given to the next novel. 

Thank you for reading. There are so many thoughts rushing around in my mind right now I feel drained. I need to go write and finish this chapter so I can work solely on the last chapter tomorrow. Wish me luck. It'll be an emotional roller coaster as this novel comes to a close. I can't wait.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


I did it. 70,000 words goal completed. Let's party! I'll bring the treats, you drink the drinks. What? Maybe next time? Wait, what? It's a holiday? Oh. I see. Maybe next time. For now I'll just celebrate by myself. But you better keep your promise. I'm really happy, even if I'm not really happy. I'm happy for my novel. It's growing and growing. Soon it'll be walking on its own, headed to the bookstores. I can dream.

I'm so sassy today because today has been nothing but drama and I have a very short fuse. Not the best way to celebrate my 70k mark but that's okay. I'll just go ahead and write some more and have my character go party for me. Or not.

Currently I am writing the second to the last chapter. Important events are about to happen, everything is wrapping up, loose ends are explained, tying together in a pretty knot. Being this close to finishing is both sad and exciting. The characters I have become friends with. I find myself thinking "What would so and so do during this event?" Or "How would they feel?" I've put so much raw emotion into this novel. It's become a part of my soul. I am this novel. It's me. In a way I guess. That sounds strange but I feel close to it. So much work has been put into it. I hope it comes through and takes me places.

Besides emotion, I've also improved myself. Unlike my other novels I wrote this novel for myself. I have kept in mind the readers of course. As that's always going to be important but  I also made sure to improve myself so my skills can hold up the heavy plot. Because if I want to get anywhere with writing, I have to keep improving.

So far writing down words I think I need to use more, or that are interesting in a notebook is helping a ton. The words are flouting in my mind. I can easily flip open the notebook and find a word that will fit into the sentence I'm writing. It's really added some spice to my writing. And I've only been doing it for a few days. But it's helping. So I think I'll stick with it.

There is still so much to do with this novel. I'm not sure which path it will lead me down but I'll stick by it the whole way. I have this feeling. It's a good one. Unlike anything else I've ever felt while writing a novel. Maybe it's a sign of something good to come. I'm not sure. I can only hope.

Thanks for reading! Have a safe and happy holidays. Drink something yummy for me.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Soon, it ends.

Man, I have been super busy lately. Haven't had much time to go on here and post. So here I am (finally.) A lot has happened. My novel, From Afar is coming to a close. I can feel it reaching it's ending. It's bittersweet as I've really fallen for this plot and the characters are very fun to write about. But everything good must end. And there will be a lot of editing to do before I can start getting it ready to send to agents. I have a good feeling about this novel. I really do. I've put a lot of emotion into this novel. Heck, I've even cried while writing some of the scenes. Hopefully that emotion is strong and pulls through to the readers.

My goal is to finish up before January. Right now my novel is at 66,177 words and 223 pages. Not bad. I want to get to at least 70k when it's finished. Although there are a few scenes I want to add in so it may grow larger when I'm in the editing/revising stage. Which is perfectly fine with me, as long as I can reach my goal. I'm hoping to get the editing start right away once the novel is finished. I would love to start sending out query letters by the middle of January. It's a lot of work ahead of me but I have time. So I going to put my soul into this novel and hope for the best.

But that's all I can really say about my novel right now. I'm currently wrapping up one of the three last chapters and am really excited to finish. The ending scene is going to be powerful and really fun to write. It was the first scene I created when I first decided to go ahead and write this story. I can't wait!

In other news I got something pretty awesome for the holidays...

A bookshelf! Geez. I needed a nice bookshelf for a long time and I am so thankful my fiance decided to get me this for the holidays. Look at all those books! They look so sad. ;_;

I hate having my books stacked up like this but I have to wait until my father can nail the bookshelf into the wall. Since there is plug in behind the shelf my fiance didn't want to risk sticking a nail into the wire in the wall. So I have to wait. There are four shelves. Five if you count the bottom. I think I may need to hoard more books. Below are all my novels and nonfiction novels. And above are manga and graphic novels. I can't wait to organize the shelves. There will be so much space VS what I had been storing my books on. I love it. I couldn't be happier.

Anyway, another thing I have started doing is collecting words and phrases. Why? To help improve my writing of course. I've been stuck using certain phrases and words too often so this will help me change that by giving me some examples (that I can easily get to.) to stop using those phrases/words too often. It's really helped already even though I only have one page filled out so far. It's really fun going online, reading and writing down words I find interesting or that I don't use often enough.

I gotta collect them all!

Thanks for reading. I wish you a happy holiday season. May you find happiness and joy.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Two chapters to go

My novel is almost finished. I did want to be done by the second week of December but I had become too busy (and distracted.) to finish. But I am in first of the last three chapters of the book. It's going great! I'm still finding myself interested in the characters, plot and setting. I want to write. I'll be playing my 3DS and will have to set it down to write because the urge to write, the inspiration is so strong I can't help myself. I'm feeling very good about this project. It's growing and blossoming as I go on.  Even when I'm sewing all I can think about is "what should I do next?" with the novel. I'm loving it.

I am doing the final out lining for the last few chapters once I am finished with the chapter I am on. There will be a total of eleven chapters. That may not seem like a lot but these chapters are long. I sort of forgot about chapters when I first started because I was so excited to write the novel. So I made them very long. Which is okay. Novels don't need a lot of chapters. It's more about the plot, setting and characters. My fiance is making a cover for the novel since I get two free copies of my novel (once its finished and edited of course!) from completing NaNoWriMo. I'm giving one copy to him and keeping one for myself. I love getting proofs because they are great to use for editing.

I normally use my Kindle to edit since I easily overlooked mistakes while reading the word doc on my computer and it works pretty well but it's much easier reading it on paper than on a screen. So I'm pretty pumped about seeing what he comes up with. So far he's said his idea is of a room belonging to the main character, showing a window with a white butterfly outside the window. It's one of the scenes in the novel when the "villain" is first introduced.

I will be finished by the end of the month. Which doesn't give me much time to edit before the contest in Jaunray but I'm okay with that. It'll make me work harder. Editing is pretty easy, not as hard as writing the novel. But there is some revising I'd like to do so hopefully I have enough time.

That's it for now I have a ton to do today! Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

NaNoWriMo day 27 -END-

That's right. I just hit 50k! I am done with NaNo. But I am not done writing my novel as I still have a few chapters left. I am almost done and see the finish line. Everything is wrapping up and I'm very excited to write the ending scene. This novel has really woken me back up. I've learned a lot from writing it and I am 100% sure that this one will be a keeper. Just because NaNo is over doesn't mean I will stop writing 1,667 words per day. You see, having a word count to do daily has really helped me keep on track with my novel. I normally write about 1,000-2,000 per day without a word goal but wind up skipping days so I fall behind and it winds up taking me about six months to finish a novel. Not any more. I am not allowing myself to fall behind and ignore my work.

From Afar is a very interesting novel so far. I find myself interested when I read over it looking for things to edit. So that's a good sign. My goal is to finish within a week or two and then start editing and revising. Which could take me anywhere from a week to three. It depends on how often my fiance can help me. IT's always good to have someone else read over your work. Especially if you are like me and have bad eye sight. I can easily overlook mistakes. But all authors do that.

I am hoping by the end of December to start sending out query letters. If I have my query letter and synopsis written up by then and I am pleased with how the editing went. I'll finally have time to dig deeper into all the writing books my fiance got me during our last visit to Powells.

This adventure has been amazing. I'm very proud of my novel and am more than willing to stand behind it 100%. I would post a little sneak peek of my novel here but not that many people read my blog so I don't see a point in it. Maybe someday.

Date: November 27th
Time:11:00 P.M
Word count: 50,015
Pages: 169

Thanks for reading!

Monday, November 25, 2013

NaNoWriMo day 25

Only 4,000 words left go until I'm finished with NaNo. I will not be done at 50k. As I'm currently aiming towards a 60-70k word goal. It's almost done. I can see the finish line. Or the first finish line. As I need to edit then start writing up a query letter and a synopsis.  So there is still a lot to do. I did write a very important and emotional scene the other day and I think anyone who reads it will really enjoy the passion I've put into this novel. There is something different about writing this one than my others. I think its because I've put my soul into it. There is a lot this novel can do for me. So I wanted to return the favor and try my hardest.

Sorry for the short post but I need to get ready for my long day of sewing. Thank you everyone who reads my blog.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

NaNoWriMo day 23

I'm finding myself really distracted today. Not sure why. It could be the rum upstairs or the fact its Doctor Who's 50th anniversary and I really want to see the new special. Or maybe I have a lot of other things on my mind. Like finding the perfect shade of green fabric for my cosplay. Or the fact I stopped sewing early today to write then spent an hour just roaming the web. I'm not sure. But I am very distracted. Which is why I'm writing this post because I am once again distracting myself.

I must be tired. But that isn't an excuse not to write. So I'm trying to focus all my attention on writing. Last night I outlined the major events that are to come in the next chapters. I am super excited to write them as they some of the scenes I have been looking forward to writing since I started plotting this novel.

At this point I don't feel very a part of NaNo. I update my word count everyday and am caught up to where I should be. I'm almost to 50k for goodness sake. But I'm finding myself uninterested in the forums and don't know any other writers my age who I could talk to. So it's been a boring run this year. I do love the prizes and its a great way to get my butt in gear with this novel so I can't complain. I have done a lot in a little time so I'm happy I did it this year.

I recently let my fiance read my novel. And he's hard to get to read something in less he really enjoys it. And it hooked him within the first three pages. So I hope that is a good sign that other people would be interested in it too.

So now I need to go write or I'm going to be behind tomorrow.

See you next time.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

NaNoWriMo day 20

Nano is almost over. I'm almost at 40k. And tonight I think I might just go ahead and aim for 40k. I'm at 37k so I'm not too far from it. Only 2,000 words. I've written 5k in one night so I think I can do if I pay close attention and do some quick out lining. I'm trying for this tonight because I'm behind on sewing and I really need to get caught up on sewing if I want to make two very complex cosplays before April. So I have to find a way to balance finishing NaNo and making costumes.

In case you are competently lost, cosplay is a huge part of my fiance and I's life. It's very fun and challenges my creativity. Also inspires me for my writing. So I'm hoping to get everything back on track. I still cannot get over how much I love this novel. The characters are sticking with me. I'm always thinking about what I can do next. And my biggest support, my fiance is also enjoying it. He's learning German right now so he's helping me learn some while I write. This is amazing because the folklore and main characters are from Germany. So it has made this experience even better.

So wish me luck. I'll be needing a lot of it if I want to reach 40k tonight. And I hope everyone who is also in NaNoWriMo is doing just as good.

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

NaNoWriMo day 19

I'm currently reading How not to write bad by Ben Yagoda. And this book is amazing. It's very helpful and I feel as if I will learn a lot by the time I finish with it. Which is what my goal was. So I feel getting this book was a great choice. It's very helpful. A lot of the problems I know about and some I'll admit I do but usually catch myself. I'm more than half way done with the novel. In the novel he explains multitasking can lead to "mindless writing" which has been my problem. I like to watch TV shows and listen to music or even randomly go online and look at the news or go on Facebook. So I'm guilty of mindless writing. He wrote music can also lead to mindless writing. which caught me off guard I love listening to music and I know a few other authors who listen to music. But I'm willing to try everything once. So tonight I'm going to try and cut myself off from everything and just focus on writing. Hopefully it goes well. If it does I won't listen to music or watch TV or anything while writing.

My novel is currently at 35k.

Sorry for another short post but I really need to go write. It's already 9:36 P.M. So thanks for reading!

Monday, November 18, 2013

NaNoWriMo day 18

Bet you can't guess where we went today. Powells! The city of books. My goal was to find books that can help me improving my writing and help me for when I'm ready to send out query letters. So these were my picks this trip.

How to not write bad. The most common writing problems and the best ways to avoid them.- Ben Yagoda
3 A.M. Epiphany. Uncommmon writing exercises- Brian Kiteley
The kick-ass writer-Chuck Wendig
2014 Children's writer's & illustrator's market- Writer's Digest Books
Grammar desk reference- Gary Lutz & Diane Stevenson

I am so happy that I found 3 A.M. Epiphany. I was researching last night for books to help me and that was one of them that I found. The others were not in the store but I did find some great books that surely will help me improve my writing and give my the confidence I need to move forward with my career.

I can't go to college. I have no money. No job. No way I can go to college. So this is my way to improve myself. I joke about how this is my school. I'm my best teacher. If I can't learn in a classroom then I will make my own classroom. The best part is it costs under $100. Take that world. You gave me a lemon and I popped it into my mouth and sucked on it.

In other news my novel is doing okay. I'm at  33,611 words and am at 115 pages. Not too bad. It's only the second week. I am hoping to do a crazy writing fest again this weekend to get myself into the 40k range. I finally got my bias tape maker so now I have to start sewing too...so I have to make time to sew and look for work while reading these awesome books and writing my word count per day. It's a lot but I'm finding out that the more busy I am the better. My depression isn't so bad and my anxiety doesn't flare up. So I'm happy with having all this stuff to do. Tonight I am going to write for tomorrow's word count and start reading How to not write bad by Ben Yagoda. Since this book is tiny and I can read it within a few hours I thought I'd start light.

Wow. That was a big post. I'm happy I'm no longer writing small posts. That's it for now. I need to go write my arse off. Thank you so much for reading.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

NaNoWriMo day 17

Hello all! It's November 17th. Its hard to believe this month is half way over. I feel like it's just begun. NaNo is going by so quickly this year. Last year it felt as if it would last forever. Maybe its because I'm truly enjoying writing my novel this time around. Like I said before I'm really enjoying it. I'm just enjoying it so much. I will not be finished writing it this month although I will hit 50k by the end of the month. I believe it said the 27th is when I should hit that word goal to win NaNo. I aim towards 60k-70k. So I'll be finished next month. Which gives me just enough time to edit and reverse before a contest in January that I plan on entering my novel in. As well as start writing my query letter and synopsis.  So there is a lot to do within the upcoming month.

And I'm still looking for a job. Since the interview I went to a few weeks ago was a bust and like every other close chance of getting a good job, it slipped out from my reach and they never bothered contacting me. I'm getting really sick of it. Its so hard thinking about next year. This novel is my life line. Its a my only hope. I don't want to turn 22 next year and still be in this rut. I can only hope it does well. I have a lot on the line. And can only try my hardest, improve and get better at writing. I'm never giving up. Writing is by far too fun. I can see myself doing it for the rest of my life. I just hope I can get paid for doing so. Life would be so much easier.

Thanks for reading. Sorry about the rant.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

NaNoWriMo day 16

I hit 30k last night! As well as 100 pages. I could not stop writing. I really got into the story and just kept at it until 3 AM. I decided to add in the extra thousand word count for NaNo get to me a bit more ahead. I'm really happy with this novel. And i know I say that every time but I am. I was starting to doubt myself, my writing skills and if my writing had lost its luster. But once I accepted that I needed to try harder and need some work, all those thoughts went away and writing became easier. It just flowed right out from my mind onto my word doc. It was nice to finally let go of all that stress and just write. Even today I'm finding it very easy to get lost and just write.

Although right now I'm going to take a break, play some Don't Starve and relax for a few hours before starting to write again. When I play video games I always have a notebook on hand because when I'm letting myself relax I find new scenes often pop into my mind or conversations. So I make sure I can write them down in case I decided to write them into my novel later on.

Over all so far, it's only week two, I'm very pleased with how my novel is going and how well I've kept up with writing everyday. I think after this is done I will keep doing this. Not only does it keep my creativity working and in check but I love the escape writing a novel gives me. I have high hopes for this novel. The best out come would be to find an agent and get published. Maybe 2014 will be my year. Who knows. Right now all I'm going to do is try my very best to get this story written as I saw it in my head.

I hope you are having much success with NaNo is you are entered. And if not, I hope you will join us next year. It's never too late to write a novel. Go buy yourself a notebook. Start filling that with stories or ideas. Go from there. Start small. You don't need to do it with the thought of getting published. Do it for fun and I promise you, you won't be sorry.

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

NaNoWriMo Day 14

Almost to my 100th page! I am so happy. I just finished up with the third chapter and now am on the fourth, back to the main character's POV. Right now I am sitting at 26k. Almost 30k! I will need to get to 27k tonight to finish off tomorrow's word count. Although I really want to stop and go play Don't Starve. I may stop at twelve and force myself to do most of the work tomorrow. I'm quite proud of myself that I haven't given up and skipped a day or two yet. Hopefully I don't and keep strong. I will not be finishing at 50k. My goal is more of 70k.

So once again, another short post. There isn't much to say when I post everyday. Which sucks but I normally remember to write up a post when I am dead tired. So this is for today. Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

NaNoWriMo day 13

Wow. This is the first time in a while that I've popped open my novel's word doc and started writing without worrying about word count or anything, I opened it to write. Because I want to write! I'm so happy. Normally I drag my feet but I'm really excited about this novel. I'm in the third chapter now. Each chapter is quite long but since I've switched it up and brought in another character's view the chapters will no longer be named. So if there is a short number of chapter I'm okay with it.

I have been thinking about the length I want to end with. I'm thinking around 60-70k. It will not be as long as the novel I had recently finished before this one. I have high hopes for this novel. Because I'm enjoying it. Even through my first novel is very dear to my heart, I'm enjoying writing this one more. My passion is back which means now I need to start working on my range of words. I'm not fortunate enough to be able to go to school for writing so I have to teach myself. Which isn't hard to do with the internet. I need to start buckling down and using all my writing books. So I think I'll try and read them one hour per day whether its at night or not. When I read my books I always make sure to take notes. It really helps me remember what I've read. It also helps me stay on track and put what I've learned to use.

So I really need to start doing that again. It'll be one of my goals while writing this novel. My goals right now are..

  • Learn a new word to replace a word I use too often
  • Learn a new word per day
  • Read an hour per day (Novel help novels.)

So thanks everyone for reading. I hope this post is a bit more interesting than my last ones. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NaNoWriMo day 12

I totally forgot about posting yesterday! I've been writing everyday, getting the word goal each day without being a little short or not posting at all. So at least I've been doing that. Last night I was thinking that there needed to be another view, another voice in the novel so every two chapters I'm going to be adding in the main character's sister's point of view. Since she's a huge part of the plot I think adding her POV would make things more interesting.

That is really the only big news from yesterday. Today I logged in my daily word count and have been busy ever since. So I'm going to sit down with a drink and some goldfish and write in a bit. Hopefully to get my word goal for tomorrow done and maybe a bit more. I'd like to be at 30k soon. Which I'm not too far from. I'm at 22k right now.

So not much new today. I'll try and keep updating everyday. Thank you for reading!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

NaNoWriMo day 10

20k here we come! I am one 1k away from hitting my weekend goal. I'm very pleased. I was super busy yesterday and didn't get much done. And even through it was cold last night and my fingers were stiff as boards I still managed to get today's word count finished. I'm going to take a small break right now so I can watch some Cops and maybe go work on modifying a pattern. I still have a bit of work to do in order to get to 20k but I have been writing nonstop since last night (Yes I did sleep.) and I need a small break to clear my head and allow the creative process to flow once more.

Again, I am sorry for such a short post. But there isn't much to talk about and I am really hungry. So ta-ta for now! Thank you so much for reading.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

NaNoWriMo Day 9

Just noticed how lazy I became and how I started just typing in a number rather than spelling it. Oh well. Its freezing cold down here, I have a lot of writing to do before tomorrow and I don't really have anything interesting to say so this post will be short and very boring. I'm been writing little bits throughout the day. I have been pretty busy today so a lot hasn't been done. I really wanted to get to 20k this weekend but if its cold again tomorrow I may not get a lot of writing done. When its cold my fingers become stiff and wearing my fingerless gloves makes it hard to write. I have a genetic condition which my dad has too where our fingers and toes curls and bend odd. My fingers are thin and curved. The joints have been affected by it, so I'm guessing its the cause of the stiffness in my fingers when its too cold or if I've been typing fast for a long period of time.

Its a pain in the butt but its not something that can be fixed so I just got to push on. Our downstairs basement windows are old and leak like crazy which does not help. My dad will be fixing that issues soon by sealing the windows. So that will help big time when winter rolls around. For now its very cold because of the air leaking inside. My computer is set up right under those leaky windows. Its not fun. But enough of complaining the novel is doing well. I'm focused and am enjoying the characters and plot. No seconds thoughts at all. I'm highly motivated and eager to write this story.

That's it for now. Short I know. Boring, yes. But there wasn't much done today. I haven't hit my first milestone so I can't really say much. But some days are like this. It's not all exciting. Slow days happen to. That's life for you.

Thanks for reading!  

Friday, November 8, 2013

NaNoWriMo 8

Its day eight! For some reason I'm finding it hard to believe its still only week one. I'm now into the 15k range. Today is Friday! That means it is time to start reaching towards my weekend goal of 20k. I'll be needing lots of coffee to fuel my writing binge. I'll be super busy so my posts may be super short like this one will be. Since I'm already a head (I posted 2k again today.) So I'm very close to getting to my goal. I just need to sit down and work on it. Which is challenging today. I'm waiting for a package which I have to sign for, got to start working on some examples for a costumes I'm making and finish beading.

So I better go start writing because there is a lot to do today.

Sorry the post is so short. But I'll make sure there is more on the next one. Although it may not be a lot more. So thank you for reading today!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

NaNoWriMo day 7

Another late post. I'm slowly writing tomorrow's word count out. I'm thinking more about tomorrow than writing right now which of course is distracting but I can't help it. I have a package coming tomorrow. So I will admit I am scattered brained right now. I have beading to do and other cosplay stuff to do. So I suppose my focus is not settled on my novel right now. But I am still loving this novel, the characters and the plot. I'm finding myself thinking about it daily.

What would my character do if he were faced with this situation?

What if this happens to ___ ?

This would make sense if this happened right after this.

It keeps going. I love getting excited about a novel. It helps me want to write it more. So I'm glad I'm feeling this way. Right now I am almost at my goal for tomorrow which will put me into the 15k range. I'm almost to 20k!!! And it's still only week one!

So this weekend I am putting all my focus onto my novel. My own personal write in. My goal is to get to 20k by Monday. I'm 100% I'll go over that which is even better. This way I'll be ahead of the daily 1,667 word goal per day and can be caught up for a few days. Just in case I do get a call for a second job interview next week.

I'm going to go write now. Thank you so much for reading!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NaNoWriMo day six

And you thought I wouldn't post a day six post, huh? I've just been busy. I have cosplay on the brain. So I don't have much to talk about today. But I decided I need to post once everyday to just share my thoughts and feelings. I made the silly mistake of posting my word count for tomorrow today so I wrote more than 2,000 words today. Oops. I don't mind really. I only post a 1,667 words to my word count so if I cannot write one day I have an extra 1,667 to post for that day instead of not posting at all. I need to get to 13,526 words in order to post 1,667 words  for tomorrow. I'm at 12,819 right now and its 9:57 PM. So I have lots of time. I just got to a very important part and am now in the second chapter so I'm sure I'll get to my goal tonight.

My first two chapters are called...

One: Always the Same
Two:Making an effort

Not sure what the third or even the rest will be called. I make them up as I go, changing them when I please. I like having chapter names. Gives a clue to the reader as to what's to come. When I walk into a bookstore and decide I want a book I have never read before without researching it before hand I check two things. I read the synopsis and the chapter names if the book has them. I think more novels should have them. Its sort of my thing. Helps me get excited about the novel, gives me clues as what might happen next. They are helpful.

The first chapter name I decided on because of the line “I thought it would be different here. But it’s the same. I feel the same. No matter where I go it will always be the same. Just like the rain.” Its an important line for the main character and one of my favorites. So I named the chapter after it.

Making an effort is not really a clue. It's more about the struggles of the main character as he's trying to fit in, open up and make an effort befriending other students. He's going outside his comfort zone, trying to be a normal student. 

Before I go to write another one of my favorite lines I wrote today is... 

"Once it chooses its prey, it will never go away"

Thank you so much for reading!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

NaNoWriMo Day Five

Last night I was a writing machine. 9k to 10k then 11k. I could not stop. I was in the writing mood and no one would stop me. I had written today's word count and tomorrows. Not bad. I enjoyed my writing session and realized I do write much better when I put on music and let myself get carried away. The words would not stop. I was really happy to be writing nonstop. I did, however finally stop around 2 in the morning. I am beat. I decided to spend my morning watching The Paradise. I must finish season one. Its a wonderful show. And its been making me think about which novel I want to write next.

I like being one step ahead of myself. I am torn between a Urban Fantasy and a fantasy YA novel. Obviously the novel I am writing now is more of a Urban Fantasy. I now need to think do I want to write another? Or try something new and finally write my fantasy novel? The fantasy needs a lot of tweaking while the Urban is already fully plotted with characters that have been polished and is ready to go. I'm really torn between the two. I may not have to worry it about it now but its always good to plan ahead.

On day five I am caught up and hopefully I will finish on the 27-28th. Maybe after a few more late night writing sessions I may finish much earlier. That would be great. More time to edit. There is a lot to do but I'm feeling really good about this novel. Much better than I have about any other I've written.

Thank you for reading!

Monday, November 4, 2013

NaNoWriMo Day Four

Holy cow Batman, I almost forgot to post a blog today. My fiance and I went out today so I've been away from my computer most of the day and totally forgot until now about posting. So this will be a short and to the point post as its very cold and my fingers are becoming stiff AND I still have to start writing tomorrow's word count. I got my finger-less gloves on but that only makes it harder to type. I had a ton of fun today and enjoyed every single minute of it. Going out always makes me want to write more so I'm going skip watching The Paradise (I love BBC dramas!) and open a tab with GrooveShark to get some good music playing while I work.

Since I'm on the topic of music I might as well as talk about what I like to listen to while writing my novel. From Afar has a lot of emotion to it so I like listening to songs that have meaning with beautiful vocals that inspire me. GrooveShark is an awesome site because you can make your own playlists. I have about four right now. Each for one of my novels. I just made one for From Afar and this is what songs I have so far.

The Curse- Agnes Obel
Words are Dead- Agnes Obel
Submission- Delphic
Fear and Loathing- Marina and the Diamonds
Unlike Me- Kate Havnevik

Agnes Obel, Delphic, Marina and the Diamonds and Kate Havnevik are all artists who have very emotional songs that all meaning. I'll admit Marina and the Diamonds is my favorite to listen to right now so of course I had to include a few songs that I thought were meaningful to this novel. Such as Numb by Marina and The Diamonds, which I just added to the list. That song hits home with me and I think it would be familiar to the main character as well.

I have some other songs that I like to listen while writing because they are awesome. They don't always have to have meaning. Some times I just like the beat. Some of the songs I listen to a lot are...

Northern Lights- 30 Seconds to Mars
Four Things- The Romanovs
Come into my head- Kimbra

And many others. That's it for now. I would love to go on and on about music but I really need to start writing. Its already 11:21 PM. So thank you for reading.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

NaNoWriMo day three

                                                                       My profile

As you can see from the screenshot I posted above I am right on track. If keep writing the speed which I am I will finish on November 27th. Not bad. I want to do better. I'm really enjoying writing this novel but I do get terribly distracted throughout the day which makes me be very slow. I'm really looking forward to the ten free ebooks we get if we finish our novels at the end of the month so I'm really trying my hardest this year. Those ebooks will be about writing and publishing. So any free resource I can get my hands on is only going to help me improve even more.

My goal is to finish the last week or earlier, edit during the month of December then enter the Amazon novel contest while sending out query letters. I don't need much editing time. I edit as I write. But I do overlook mistakes just like everyone else. So I have my fiance read over it to see if he can find anything that needs to be changed. It's super helpful having an extra set of eyes.

I was going to talk a bit about my characters today but once again I am just not up for it. I really have the urge to write right now so I'm ending this post short. I won't say I'm writing about this or that on my next post because I have no idea what I will write about.

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

NaNoWriMo day 2

I am tired. So I'm starting late today. But that's okay. I don't have anywhere to go or much to do. I suppose I could go upstairs and start modifying the pattern I'm using for the next cosplay I'm making or cut the fabric out. I could play Don't Starve. But instead I feel the need to write. This blog post will be different. I'm going to write a small post throughout the day as I write then publish it at 6 P.M. 

I was going list a bunch of awesome German facts but every time I try to post them in a neat and orderly way the blog decides to go all funky. So instead I'll post the link of the site that I got a of interesting facts from.

I'm going to stop writing now so I can start writing my novel. I'll post another short post in a bit. 

Time: 1:40 PM.

I'm now at 4,032 words. Not bad. I want to get to five or six thousand today though. I won't be taking a break until I hit at least five thousand. I'm almost there. Really, if I hit a thousand per hour I'm perfectly fine with that. It isn't too bad. I could do a lot better but I do have a lot of distractions. And they are tugging at my focus. Normally I like to only play music while writing because TV shows and movies draw my attention away too much and I wind up goofing off. Right now I am listening to Agnes Obel's new album. Its very soothing and calm. I adore her music. This new album is really good. I like artists that keep their same sound, especially if they are good at it. She's one of those few who are really good at what they do and stick with it. Her music helps me become lost in the world that I am writing about. Her songs are emotional which also helps step into the character's shoes and focus on how they would feel during certain events. This will be my last update on this post. I have finished the word goal of 1,667 today but am still going to keep going to at least five thousand maybe six today. 

So thank you for reading. I will keep doing these day by day blog posts for NaNo this entire month. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

NaNoWriMo day one

Day one is almost over. I've been doing pretty good so far. I updated my NaNo account last night with 2,000 words. For me that isn't too bad. I always try to do no lower than the 1,667 word count per day. I would like to start a routine of trying to out do my previous word count.  Although I do not want to be one of those people who rush through it and try to out do everyone. I want my writing to improve and I know when I rush it gets lazy. So I want to try my best and if that means I only get 2,000 a day done. So be it. At least I am taking my time to make sure my writing is improving.

Like I've said before I want to be a career writer. Although it is fun I think about the reader the whole time while writing. Is this part too slow? Does it need more action? Is this realistic and will they relate to it? So I don't care who hits 10,000 tomorrow. Or who finishes first. I don't see NaNo as a race. I see it as a way to get my butt in gear and pump out a certain amount of words each day. It's a very helpful resource for keeping track of your word count. That's why I love it so much.

I think I may write a blog post each day this month in honor of NaNoWriMo. Not only will it give me a great excuse to post on this blog more often but writing here gives me a break from everything else. I can sit down and focus on writing. I can get excited and gush about my novel and how its coming along. It's a lot of fun for me to talk about writing as its a strong passion of mine. I hope by posting everyday someone of you who read this may become inspired and decided to do NaNo too. Whether its this year or next. Whether its a novel or a journey or even a fanfiction. At least you are sitting down and writing. 

Tomorrow I think I'll write about the German culture that I researched for my novel. 

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Three hours till NaNoWriMo

The month of writing is nearing! I am ready. Not only with my synopsis but I already have the word goal for the first day finished. I feel great! And am very excited about NaNo this year. Not only am I writing a novel that I feel passionate about but I am hoping to make lots of new friends and read about awesome novels. I'm going to try and be more social on the forums too.

I am thrilled. Today had gone great. We got pumpkins (one was free!) made some roasted pumpkin seeds and gave out candy to some awesomely cute trick or treaters and had a lot of fun. It was a great year. I have lots of extra candy to help fuel my writing.

As a treat for my readers here is my synopsis for From Afar.

Germany is a country full of captivating folklore and mythology. Klaus Mettler never believed in the stories his grandmother used to tell him until he was eight. Sacrificing his life he boldly saved his sister from a lifetime of terror. The Alp was one of those creatures the villagers used to whisper about when strange things happened. But never had Klaus thought he would become one’s target. With nightly visits from an untouchable predator he lives his life from day to day, wondering when he would fail to wake. Klaus succumbs to his fate, knowing there is no stopping the Alp once it has chosen its victim, he lives with his two loyal caretakers, tightly sealed up in his childhood home in the hope his days will go on a little longer. When his younger sister Gabriela left to go to school in America he thought he would never hear from her again. But one day, two years later he receives a letter along with a picture of her and her new friends. The moment should be joyful but he’s left disturbed when he notices a familiar figure in the background of the picture. The Alp has already chosen its next victim and like all those years ago it is once again after his little sister. Klaus doesn’t hesitate to pack up and head off to the university in the hope to find a way to destroy the Alp before his days come to an end. But once there he realizes it may not be as simple as he had hoped.

Thank you for reading!

Happy Halloweenie!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Yes, I am finally finishing my synopsis for my new novel that will be written for NaNoWriMo next month. Although I have already started on the novel, I like to get a little head start. I am loving the characters, the setting and the plot so far and am very excited to write it. But I had yet to finish up the synopsis. Obvious I need one. I could be picked to have a cover made for my novel and of course like any other author in the event I'd love being picked. So I'm really pushing myself to create a great synopsis that will make readers interested in my novel.

I want a firm synopsis that I can go off of and use for when the novel is finished too. So I can write a longer one for agents based off the one I have written for NaNo. It's great practice and gets me to write something I normally hold off. Its turning out really great. I'm really pleased. I think it may be the best synopsis I've written to date. I am so thankful I'm able to bounce ideas off my fiance. He helps me find those silly little mistakes I sometimes over look.

Once it is finished I will post it on my NaNo profile so everyone cane read it. If you are doing NaNo next month make sure you friend me! I'd love to read about your novel and maybe we can help inspire each other to do our best. I'd like that a lot.

My profile is...


Thursday, October 24, 2013

I instead of He

So I did some research, read some suggestions and realized first person is what will be best for my novel. From what I've read first person normally sells better. Teens can relate better to it emotionally and because of the theme of this novel the more emotional I can make the better. Its more marketable by making first person. After I lost my original third person doc I think I sort of lost the connection with it. But because of that I now make sure to upload my files onto my USB at least once each month. Lesson learned.

I feel so bad that I haven't been well enough to work on my sewing and spent the last few days fighting with myself about what POV the novel should be. NaNoWriMo is coming up quickly. I haven't finished my synopsis either. Since I'm finally over my cold I think while I'm sewing tomorrow I'll work on my synopsis while I work. That way I can kill two birds with one stone.

I'm very nervous for NaNo but I'm also very excited about writing this novel. I've changed a lot plot wise, updated the characters and am improving the back story as each day passes and I'm really enjoying this plot a lot. I would start tonight but I'm a bit tired and am coughing pretty badly. So I'm going to wake up early with a fresh start and write before I start sewing. I normally use my old version as a guild but I think this time I'm going to write what comes to mind. To make it more refreshing for me.

So for now I'm going to go and rest a bit. I'll try and write three to four posts a week depending on what's going on. I love writing on this blog. Gives me time to express myself and talk about something I love, writing. I want to do book reviews as well or my thoughts on certain books. But I don't know. If I have time I may do it soon.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Long time no post

Been such a long time. Or least it feels like that. I really need to start writing more posts here whether they are about writing or books or writing books or whatever. This blog needs more love. I've been so busy with cosplay and my cosplay blog and my cosplay FaceBook page that I haven't updated in a while. There is about eight or so days until National Novel Writing Month starts. That means I am getting my butt in gear to finish writing my synopsis and hurry up and figure out if I'm writing From Afar in third person or first.

I was going to write it in third but ever since my third person file had some how managed to vanish off my computer (Replacing itself with a first person copy.) I haven't been able to get into re-writing it in third person. I may just write it in first. I guess it doesn't really matter. I did read that interview by a very well known agent, that I admire greatly, that he'd love to see more third person novels but I'm not feeling it. And I'm afraid I won't be able to keep up for NaNo.

I'm going to test out the waters by writing a scene in first person tomorrow and see how that goes. If I wind up writing it well enough and have a good word count aka I'm in my writing zone then I will keep it going and stick to first person. I have heard first person is easier to write. I have high hopes for this novel. Stronger than any of the other ones I've written. I have NEVER read a novel that focuses on this topic or creature. Its so emotional with a cast of diverse characters that is about family and friendship, finding light within a dark situation. I have most of the novel out lined....within my head. I need to write it out. To map it out so I won't find myself lost at any point.

My out lining will be simple. So it won't take too much time up. Tomorrow as I said will be my test period. Hopefully things go well. Its amazing how far I've come. I'm finding myself more and more inspired each and every day. I want to improve and climb and never stop until my books are in bookstores. Beside being apart of my favorite agency or touring with my favorite author, I think it would be amazing to do a reading and signing at Powells. Powells is amazing bookstore in Portland Oregon. The largest bookstore on the West coast.  Its called the City of books. It's breath taking. And I think my goal for right now (I don't want to get ahead of myself now. You gotta start small.) Focusing on this will be my inspiration to try my hardest with this novel.

I hope your ready Klaus, we're going to be best friend after this. It's going to be long journey but as long I believe in myself and keep improving I can reach out and grab hold of my dream. It'll take a while and will be a hard road ahead of me but I've faced many challenges in the twenty one years I've been alive. I can handle one more.

I feel like I always end my blog posts the same. But I have a cold and really want to go play some Don't Starve so for now this post will end here. I will be paying more attention to this blog as NaNoWriMo starts. I think I'll do a daily blog with my thoughts, feelings, fears, ect. I will leave with showing you the simple cover I made for NaNo as well as a link to my profile so you can friend me.

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The day after finishing a novel

What comes next?

Well, for me I have a lot to think about.

"Do I want to edit? Or take that time to research and outline my next project?"

"What scenes do I need to rewrite/add in?"

"Is it worth writing a query letter for it when I'll be focusing all my attention on my next project?"

"Would it have a wide range of people interested in reading it?"

Like I said, there is a lot to think about. Today I have decided not to edit it. To let it sit so I can have a bit of a breather. I spent hours last night writing that novel and I am still pretty tired. I wrote five thousand words over the course of one day. My brain needs a break. There is a lot of editing to do as well as add in a few scenes I had left out. Maybe change the character a bit and rewrite a few chapters. But right now I have to decide whether or not I want to polish this novel to get it looked at by agents or put all my attention on my next project, which is unlike anything I've seen in book stores. There are a lot of "what if?" going through my mind right now. Today I'm trying to sort all that out.

Since my computer has once again decided there is something wrong and it MUST be repaired I was not able to use it until now. It took about two hours (just like the last two times.) to repair whatever it thinks it messed up. I think it may be because its low on ram. But that will be fixed tomorrow. Just got to delete a ton of stuff in my downloads folder and a few games I don't play. My fiance has promised to get it some more ram later on (Thanks honey! Frankencomputer and I love you!)

He tried bringing up about getting a new one (Wouldn't be now, as computers are a lot of money and I have no job to help pay for it.) but I said no. I love my computer. We called it Frankencomputer for a reason. Its stuffed full of mixed matched components. It has died and been brought back twice (meaning I lost EVERYTHING. Thank goodness for backing up those writing files right?) but it has been loyal to me. And has taken a big beating from me over the years. I love it and will not get a new computer until this thing is on its side breathing its last breath of pixels.

Any who. While I was waiting for the computer to do its thing I got out my Breakout Novelist book and started taking some notes. You in high school, how your teachers tell you taking notes will help you memorize what your learning better? They were telling the truth. It does help. I plan on taking notes throughout the whole book. This book is really helpful. I love it. I call it my writing cookbook mainly because that is what it looks like. I'll leave a link to where you can buy it down below. No, I was not paid to do so. I just really love this book and it may help you too. This book is for writers wanting to become career writers. But it is easy to understand and is very well organized. So for those of you who just want to improve their story telling skills, you might still be interested in reading it.

After I take a few more notes I will start out lining my next novel more. I am very excited to write this next book as I don't think I have ever read anything like it. I will also be writing it in third person which I hadn't done since I started writing my first novel back when I was a freshmen. I have high hopes for it. I'm doing a lot of research as well today. Finding out what Agents are looking for, what they aren't. What is in with readers and what is not. Doing more research on German culture as well as their folklore, myths and urban legends.

So there to answer the question of what is there to do after writing a novel, there is a lot! I have my plate full and I am not going to stop. I am full of strong will right now and I want to improve and do my best this time around. I have a lot resting on this and I want to become published and start my career as a published author as soon as I can. Of course it will take time and lots of cups of coffee. But I enjoy the wait. There is always something to do.

Breakout Novelist written by Donald Maass 


My third novel is done.

Glass Butterfly

1:46 A.M

Words: 80,325
Pages: 276

Work isn't over. Tomorrow I start editing.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The end.

My novel is almost finished. And when I mean almost I mean there is two scenes left for me to write. Right now the word count is at 73,131 and there are 250 pages. I'm pretty sure I'll hit my goal of 80,000 words either tonight or tomorrow. The novel is at a good stopping point. I'm happy with how its coming together. It's been a long year and I've proved to myself I can start and finish novels once more. I still have a lot of editing to do as well as add in a few scenes I had forgotten about. I do already have my fourth novel planned but I am not letting myself write it until I am done with editing. My plan pretty much is the same. I may take a few weeks to let the novel sit while I write up a query letter and synopsis then go back and edit some more before sending out some query letters.

Today I'm taking it easy, going with the flow as I am on the path to finishing the novel. I was going to have a horror movie marathon but couldn't find any good ones (I watch a lot of movies. And am picky.) so I decide to re-watch one of my favorite series, Hemlock Grove. This shows makes werewolves and vampires look amazing. There is certain vibe to the show. I love it so much. I can't wait until season two.

I'm trying my best not to rush so watching a good show, listening to music and taking breaks to read is really helping me. I always rush at the end of a novel. Expect when I'm in the writing mode and it flows naturally. I'm hoping to get the ending on my first try but if not that's why there is a DELETE key on our keyboards. I'm hoping to be finished by tomorrow. I have a lot of editing to do and lots of layout work to do for my fourth novel, From Afar.

I've been wanting to write From Afar for a while but decided I should wait. It will be written in third person which I personally feel I'm better at writing. It'll take a lot more thinking and more planning but I'm excited. It will involve a creature from German folklore that I've never seen be written about in a YA novel. It also allows me to dig deeper into my German ancestry. I've very excited to learn more and have an excuse to learn more German.

So that's it for now. I need to get started here in a bit.

Toodles for now.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

70,000 mark

Wow. Just a few weeks ago I thought about stopping this novel. But I pushed through it and kept going and now I have to say I'm glad I kept going. I'm enjoying it. I only have 10,000 left to write. Or until I cram the last few important bits in. I would say no more than 20k. I'm glad to be ending this novel on a good note. I am excited to move on to my next project which i am trying to figure out if I will be writing it in first or third. It will be my fourth novel. I'm in love with the plot. It's nothing like anything I have ever read about. And believe me when I say I have read a LOT of young adult novels.

My plan is the same.

~Finish writing novel within a week or two
~Edit and reverse throughout the month of October
~Start research for fourth novel (looking forward to research German culture!)
~Start on fourth novel
~Enter fourth novel into NaNoWriMo

I think I'll go write some more tonight. Although I do feel very stressed I'm excited to finish the novel. That alone is pushing me forward and giving the strength to finish. I have a lot of research to do as well as reading some of my writing books so I can improve. So lots to do!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The good and bad

Today was....a mix of emotions. Let's start off with the good. A place called about a job offer. The bad? It was on the 17th. Again our phones did not ring. Luckily my dad was going through the calls, deleting the old when he saw they had called. I was horrified. That was how I lost my last job offer because the phone didn't ring. I'm going to call tomorrow, although I doubt a hiring manager is in on a Sunday but I won't take the risk. If not I'll call again on Monday and so on until I talk with her and explain our phone problem. I'm hoping the job is still open so I can go in on Monday and take the test and find out if I have a chance at this job. It would be amazing as it is a stable job. Which means my fiance and I will be getting married this coming April.

It also means I will be stopping the novel I am writing either to rewrite it in third person or start on my other one. I really feel third is what I am meant to write and I just can't handle first anymore. I have become too lazy. Writing in third makes me feel like a real storyteller, not the character saying what is in their head at the moment.

I can only hope that the job is still open. That i have a chance at getting it so our lives can finally start and I can become even more serious about my writing. There is a lot I want to do but I must take it day by day. Wish me luck as I will greatly need it.

Other news. I'll be attending WordStock in October. Hopefully my fiance has the days off as I wouldn't be able to go otherwise. There will be lots of workshops and authors, even agents. It'll be a great way to learn and meet some more local writers. I'm looking forward to it!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Third person

I think I know why I feel so unsure about the novel I'm writing. While writing it I'm also doing some layout work to my next novel and while trying to decide if I want to write third or first I realized I miss writing third person. When I first started writing I only wrote in third. Now I sort of miss that. It's much better, more detailed, longer, there is just more to it. Like my fiance said it's like a camera I can zoom in on the main character then zoom out when I want and focus on the whole picture. I think that's what I've been missing. First is great and it worked well for my first novel but I've become lazy with it.

I do remember reading a few articles about agents wanting more third person so maybe that's where I can turn my attention to and try improving so I can get published. I do agree with third person novels being very slim pickings these days due to everyone writing in first. Which isn't an issue. I enjoy both. But I will admit I do find a third person novel much more interested as they are normally longer and I read very quickly. So maybe this was how I was meant to write. I'll give it another try and learn more as I go on. I am almost done and hopefully can finish editing and revising within a month before NaNoWriMo!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Almost to 70k!

My novel is rapidly coming to a close. Tomorrow I will reach the 70,000 word mark. Today I was doubting myself. I wanted to stop, giving up and start on my next one. I hadn't felt like this for a long time. I guess I'm nervous. There is a lot I forgot to add, a bit to edit. I'm worried about how it would sell, that it would only target girls. I kept thinking "Is it too girly?" What if this and what if this. Then I snapped out of it and told myself it didn't matter. Finish the novel to prove to yourself that you can. So I won't give up. I won't stop. I'm going to keep trucking alone until this thing is finished, edited and I feel so good about it I feel comfortable enough to start trying to get it published.

It has at least another month of work ahead. Which is fine. I want to take my time and get it to the point I mentioned above. I want to be proud of my work and feel good about it as I send out query letters. I have lots of time before NaNoWriMo and time to edit. So I shouldn't be too worried just yet. And if it takes me until the end of the year to get it to that point, so be it. I'm going to take my time, work hard on improving it.

I am very excited for the next novel I plan on writing. But I can wait. I will finish this novel. I can and will. There is nothing stopping me but myself and I won't allow me to be the one thing that stops my novel from becoming what I know inside it could be.

I feel its important to share my doubts because I know a lot of authors go through the same thing. It may take me a few editing sessions before I am comfortable with the novel. But that's okay. It takes a lot of work to clear out mistakes, add in what has been left out and figure out what needs to be rewritten. I can do this.

Monday, September 9, 2013

The final few chapters

I am more than half way to my goal of 80,000 words. Now the reason I use a word goal is mainly for out lining the last few chapters. When I am around the 60k mark I start out lining the last few chapters and fill in plot gaps. I do this to keep myself organized. I may not use everything, I may change it all. It's only a guild line for me so I can keep ideas down.

Normally I will write out one major plot event for each chapter and the rest I figure out while writing that chapter. I don't like firm out lines because I normally just change them anyway. This helps me make sure I mention the event and explain why something happened earlier. There are a lot of major events that are still needing to be written but I can already feel that the novel is ready to end.

So today in between writing, searching for new job leads and playing Saints Row the fourth (I'm a gamer what I can say?) It's bittersweet outlining the last few events, knowing I soon have to say goodbye to the characters to get ready for the next novel. But I am ready. I do love these characters, they are enchanting and strong but the next novel I am very much looking forward to write as it also gives me an excuse to finally start learning more German again. Which my fiance will be pleased about.

I want to be finished writing the novel by November for National Novel Writing Month, as I plan on writing my other novel for this event. It won't be a 50k novel, it will be much longer but it is perfect timing to write it. I love fall and seeing as that novel will start in fall I have a feeling I will get lots of inspiration writing it in the same season.

My plan is still the same, finish next month, start editing, let a few people read it, edit again and start working on the query letter and synopsis while doing all that, then ship out query letters to agents.

But for now I better go work on my outlining. There is a lot to do.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Up-coming post- How to research agents

I've had a lot of people ask me how I go about finding information about agents. So I thought why not, I'll post a blog about using literary agent books and how I plan out and go about doing research about the agents I think may be interested in my novel. This post will be fairly long and very detailed. I may split it up into sections to length it out into many different posts. It will not be posted until I decide on how I am going to write it and when I have time to take pictures.

I will be using this book as a reference.

You can buy this book here 

I will only be giving examples for finding agents for a young adult novel.

See you soon!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

So you wrote a novel...or three

The Glass Butterfly is my current project. It's going good. I have been a bit stuck at certain parts but I'm finding turning everything off and turning on music helps big time. The Glass Butterfly is a YA urban fantasy with supernatural themes. There is adventure, friendship, mystery and a bit of romance. And lots of creepy characters, wings included.

Fairy tales and faeries have been a huge part of my life since I was young. They have inspired me throughout my life. Some how managing to keep me interested, even now. But as I've learn life isn't always happy-happy all the time. So this fairytale has a dark side. Murder, teen girls kidnapped, bullying, mental illness all haunt this story. I love beautifully horrifying things. Ugly can be pretty in the eyes of someone with an open -mind. I love oddities (The show too!) and want to  really add some ugly-pretty to this novel.

The main character is someone who will grow and evolve into a strong woman with a power mind and a strong heart. When the story starts she has one friend, the rest of the school either ignores her or makes fun of her for being strange, even through she can't figure out what is so strange about her. As certain things happen she finds herself needing to take control of her life. With her two allies and dear friends, Thorn, the tattoo parlor's expert in piercing and a strange boy with eyes that seem to glow like flames, she hurries to uncover her forgotten past before someone comes back to hunt her down.

My goal is about 80,000 words in less I wind adding more to the end while I end which I'm guessing like my other novel will turn up around 100,000 words. Which I'm perfectly fine with. I want to finish writing this novel by fall. After this up-coming con I'm taking a few months off of sewing to focus all my attention on this novel and finding a stable job. In October there is a writing convention that I will be attending with my fiance. I really cannot wait to go to it. They have lots of panels for writers.

Once I finish writing I plan on editing, letting my fiance read over it, edit again and start sending out query letters. I want it to be polished before sending it out. I want this novel to be something I can be proud of. Something different from all the other fairy novels out there. I'm putting my heart into it. I really hope it goes well.

In November for National Novel Writing Month I will either be writing my other novel, UnNatural.  I do have some out-lining to do to it before I start re-writing it. If I am not comfortable writing it then I may just write my other YA novel, Crisis Mode Major. Which will be my first non-fantasy novel. It'll be more serious, more emotional than anything I have ever written.

So I better go write I only have one hour before I need to start working on my cosplay. So thank you for viewing! I'll be updating more often after the convention at the end of the month.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

My inspiration- Marina and the Diamonds

Music drives me. If helps me stay focused and get into the scene, the mood and creates an emotion. A while back I fell heads over hills with Marina and the Diamonds again. Her music is truly one of a kind and it appears to be the only music that is really inspiring me for the novel I'm currently writing. There is something magical about Marina. Her voice is very calming and interesting. I'll admit I have listened to her songs non-stop since I started writing this novel again. I can't go by a day without listening to her songs while writing.

It's important while writing to feel emotion. Like one of my favorite quotes go "No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader." - George Moore. If you can't get the emotion across you're novel will fall flat. No one wants to read something in which they can't connect to. You'll get bored. So that's how music can help.

Here are some of Marina's lyrics that really help inspire me and fit well for the novel.

"These people are weird in here
And they're giving me the fear
Just because you know my name
Doesn't mean you know my game

I look myself in the face
And whisper "I'm in the wrong place"
Is there more to lose than gain
If I go on my own again? (On my own again)"  


There's a fork in the road
I'll do as I am told
And I don't know, don't know, don't know, don't know
Who-oo-oo-oo-ooo I want to be.

-Mowgli's Road

Running with my roots pulled up
Caught me cold so they could cut
What there was left of love

I'm rootless


Lies, don't wanna know, don't wanna know oh
I can't let you go, can't let you go oh
I just want it to be perfect
To believe it's all been worth the fight
Lies, don't wanna know, don't wanna know oh


I've lived a lot of different lives
Been different people many times
I live my life in bitterness
And fill my heart with emptiness

Don't wanna live in fear and loathing
I wanna feel like I am floating
Instead of constantly exploding
In fear and loathing

-Fear and Loathing 

Those are some of my favorite songs to listen to while writing. They have such a deep meaning and rich emotion it's hard not to listen to them over and over again. Fear and Loathing really hits home when I write. The main character in my novel is lonely, out of place and wants to stop being in consent fear that no one will ever accept her. 

You can find out more about this band by clicking the link below.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Really means a lot. So as promised here is a small excerpt from my novel, The Glass Butterfly.

I tried to wonder what would happen if I let myself believe. If I saw past their masks and looked into their cold, hard eyes. I knew without having anyone telling me that things would change and there would be no going back. This town had always appeared so normal. There was main street with all it's little shops, like the big antique shop with it's cluttered window displays and the French styled cafe with the metal tables that never seemed to rust no matter how many times they stood in the rain. None of it was strange.

Not until I opened my eyes.

Standing here at the very end of the road to nowhere I can understand why this seemingly normal town and it's residents would call main street by such a name as the road to nowhere, but they are wrong.  Footsteps approach from behind me. They are slow, cautious and after what had just happened, I didn't blame him for being so cautious around me.

"The road to nowhere leads somewhere."

Sunday, July 21, 2013


So happy!!! It's nice not having second thoughts about this novel. I'm a writing machine! I don't have much time to write these days between getting ready for a con, working hard on losing weight and trying not to go insane because of the high amount of stress due to not being able to find a job. I'm halfway done! Well, in less like my other novels, I go way past my "word goal". I say word goal lightly because I let the novel end itself. When it feels like it is all tying together in a smooth way, I know it's time to write that closing scene. With my first novel when I recently re-wrote it (A few years ago.) I wound up going from 50,000 to 100,000 words. I doubled it. I'm hoping that happens afterwards when I edit.

I've already decided that once I finish, which I am hoping will be before fall, I will take as long as I need to edit and allow someone (my fiance normally.) read over it to catch those little buggers I've overlooked. I've made the mistake in the past, thinking a quick edit would suffice after the novel is finished. This time I want to make sure I add everything I need before it is seen by any agent.

Once it has been read and edited I plan on writing up a first draft for a synopsis and a query letter. Once those have been re-written (I never use my first draft.) I plan on letting as many people as I can read over it, tell me what they like, what interests them and if they understand the plot. Once I'm pleased with what I hear I plan on finally sending them out to the first batch of agents. I'm doing things a bit differently and will only send out my query to about ten at a time so I remember who I sent it to and when I receive a reply.

I hope I can finish this novel before November so I can join the great fun that is known as National Novel Writing Month with a novel I've been wanting to re-write/finish. If I don't feel ready I may just write up a short story series for the month based off of fairy tales.

Lots to do. I'm really looking forward to the adventure that awaits once I finish this novel. I'm finally able to sit down and write without wanting to write a short story or switch novels. I think I found my want, no need to write. I'm enjoying every minute of it. I try to write at least one to two times a day. In the morning I don't have much time but even writing a few words helps. I write the mass of the novel at night when no one is making noise or is around to distract me. Just me and my furry babies, who would much rather sleep sprawled out behind me then bug me, luckily.

Tonight is just one major mark in my journey. I do have a long way to go. But at least I am able to still keep going. Writer's block is no longer an issue. I have broken down the wall blocking me from my love of storytelling. Hopefully this novel does well. It's a lot of fun to write. I've also noticed I'm making fewer mistakes which allows me to focus on improving my word use and allowing me to work harder at describing everything in detail.

But that's enough for now. I'm terribly tired, as it's already one in the morning. And I need to sleep before we head out to the beach in a few days. I'll update again once I reach 50k!

Friday, July 12, 2013

The urge to write

I haven't written on here for a while. I've been so busy with props and costumes for an up-coming con and trying to find a job and writing my novel that I hadn't stopped to take a moment to express my thoughts on this blog. I'll admit I'm stressed and I have had a few moments where I re-think my novel and start wanting to write my other one but I'm proud to say I haven't stopped writing it.

Right now I am currently at 36,884 words and 124 pages. That's really good because months ago I couldn't even write more than 1,000 words a week. So I've changed a lot. I've reminded myself why I want to get published, why these stories I write are important to me. I've reminded myself that I love writing. It doesn't pay the bills right now but I love it. I want this to my career so I can proudly say I love my job. One step at a time right now. I'm taking things slowly. I don't want to rush it. If I'm not feeling it I write a little or do some out lining. Take a break and find myself wanting to write afterwards.

The urge to write has returned. My laziness is going away. I'm thinking about my novel, the characters, the plot all the time now. What can I do next? What twist would work in this scene? Should I kill this character? I'm having lots of fun. It's like playing the Sims. I'm in control, I can cause bad things to happen or good things to happen. It's a lot of fun. I've lost sight of all the fun I had writing when I was in high school.

I may not have much support anymore but I can do it as long as I believe I can. I do find it fun to tell people about my novels, the ideas I have and what I want to write about but I can't let me get down that I no longer have people who are interested in listening about me ramble about my writing. It's okay. I may be nervous and shy and maybe a little scary at times but writing changes that.

It pushes me to do my best, to step out of my shoes and into another's. I think that's what I like best about writing. It gives me a break from the norm. I can become someone else. Live in another world. I'm happy to say that I've fallen in love with writing all over again. And I hope that I can do my very best with what I have and make a damn good novel for you guys to someday read.