Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What to do?

Have I lost my touch?
The words wont flow.
My fingers become stiff.
The scenes are in my mind.
Playing out like a movie.
The plot is all there.
The characters ready to preform.
Yet there is something blocking my path.
Had the journey stopped?
When did I become so lost?
The thoughts wont go away.

Will this sell?

It wont.
It's bad.
Again, you've failed.
Give up.

Someone is always better, no matter how hard you try.

They'll always be what I can't.
Forget about those stupid dreams.
That's all they are.

You've lost your touch.

Another dead end?
A road block too heavy to lift?
A dark cloud raining upon only my head?

You have the tools.
The characters ready
The plot set
The creatures restless
Music to guide you
And a mind open

There is a fear.
That lingers here.
Like a scar.
From long ago.
It sits and waits.
Until I strike.
Then everything...

Crumbles down.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I'm back!

I really didn't go anywhere but I have started getting over my writer's block and am finally getting ideas, the words are finally starting to flow again. This post will be short because I need to write. I'm not giving up on the novel I'm writing right now, my novel The Invisible Prince isn't going to be rewritten in third person. I had a few people read it and although it did sound more professional there was much more detail when I wrote in first. I'm going to keep my deadline and keep writing.

I am however going to rewrite it. To give it a fresh start.

I'm adding something more to the novel. Instead of being a normal fantasy book with humans and dragons and such I'm adding a third race to battle against the human, making the dragons a neutral but dying race that isn't seen as a threat anymore because of their low numbers.

I'm not going to give away which creature I'm using. But I'll tell you I'm using lots of mythical inspiration. I'm also adding some new twists on my dragons. I haven't or read these being added to the dragon race before although they have been mentioned in some stories.

It'll be pretty interesting plot to write. I was doubting myself, my novel and my writing skills but instead of thinking about all that and getting published I'm going to just have fun and do what I do best, write until my joints become stiff.

Writing as a career is my dream. I've given up enough things, enough dreams. I'm not letting go of this. Its a new year and I'm going to really try to push myself so one day I too can inspire teens and young adults.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I've figured out what's going wrong with my writing. Why I can't focus, why it isn't fun all of a sudden. When I was writing Promise Me, I tried something new and changed it from third to first. And it went really well. The story took on life and I was finally able to give my beloved characters life. But now that I'm writing a new novel I'm realizing first person isn't working and because of that I'm really falling behind and finding myself losing sight of what of my dream. 

And that is not good.

So now I'm faced with the tough choice...

Do I start over?

Or do I force myself to keep going?

I'm so stuck I don't know which way is which. Besides this I have to worry about getting a job, sewing, and hearing about my family's financial problems which is affecting us all. Its very stressful and I've lost the one thing that used to give me joy, a break away from my reality. 

Its time I start over and rework myself. 

Its a new a year.

Its time to get more serious, learn more and try new things. So I suppose starting over wouldn't be bad. But I want input so I guess I'll be brave and post a few samples online and see how it goes. Perhaps I'm just freaking out and over thinking things, which I do a lot, or maybe I'm right and working in third person is what I'm good at. 

So I'm going to think it over, write a few samples and see where it takes me.

Trying will never hurt you. So take a few risks now and again. Learning will only make you improve.

Friday, January 11, 2013

The deadline

Its a new year. And I'm really going to focus hard on getting my novel The Invisible Prince. Although I'm very tempted to start work on my other project, I'm going to stay firm with this novel and get it done. My time is split between sewing cosplays, writing and trying to find a job. Its hard to stay focus, stay motivated but I really need to try harder, to focus on what's important and that's writing.

So I'm going to set myself a deadline and start writing a certain amount each night. This way I can have a set goal and will become more organized. I'm being hard on myself, trying to learn how much as I can since I am unable to go to college for writing. Learning, writing and pushing myself to complete this novel should help get it done.

My deadline is now: March twenty first

Word count: 1670

The deadline is set on my twenty first birthday because that's all I want. I want to prove to myself I can write 

more than two novels and that one is good enough, that I'm good enough to be published. Its going to be 

long road with lots more learning along the way. But I'm not going to just stop and give up. I may start 

writing two novels at the same time but I'm not sure. the other project is really speaking to me and I'm 

inspired to write it. But my fantasy novel comes first and that's what I'll focus on.

Hopefully this new plan will jump start me into working harder. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Its a new year!

Time for some major changes. Since its bitterly cold where my computer is set up and the cold makes my fingers stiff and hard for me to write. I've also been very confused and upset over my job situation and have been feeling a bit blue. So I decided to take a different route as I rewrote a few things in my novel. I bought a cute little notebook and started to write while playing a video game or just sitting at my desk and realized by removing myself from my computer I've broken away from my writer's block and am back on track. I'm going to start typing up what I have so far and see if it equals the same word count as before or not before deciding what to do next.

There will also be some changes to the blog but I'll talk about those later since, as I mentioned, it's very hard to type right now with cold fingers. My computer is set up below two windows that are cold and leak air and it doesn't help the wind is blowing straight into the windows. It's pretty cold but hey, that's winter for you.

I don't know about you but in less we get some serious snow here, I'm ready for spring.