Monday, September 9, 2013

The final few chapters

I am more than half way to my goal of 80,000 words. Now the reason I use a word goal is mainly for out lining the last few chapters. When I am around the 60k mark I start out lining the last few chapters and fill in plot gaps. I do this to keep myself organized. I may not use everything, I may change it all. It's only a guild line for me so I can keep ideas down.

Normally I will write out one major plot event for each chapter and the rest I figure out while writing that chapter. I don't like firm out lines because I normally just change them anyway. This helps me make sure I mention the event and explain why something happened earlier. There are a lot of major events that are still needing to be written but I can already feel that the novel is ready to end.

So today in between writing, searching for new job leads and playing Saints Row the fourth (I'm a gamer what I can say?) It's bittersweet outlining the last few events, knowing I soon have to say goodbye to the characters to get ready for the next novel. But I am ready. I do love these characters, they are enchanting and strong but the next novel I am very much looking forward to write as it also gives me an excuse to finally start learning more German again. Which my fiance will be pleased about.

I want to be finished writing the novel by November for National Novel Writing Month, as I plan on writing my other novel for this event. It won't be a 50k novel, it will be much longer but it is perfect timing to write it. I love fall and seeing as that novel will start in fall I have a feeling I will get lots of inspiration writing it in the same season.

My plan is still the same, finish next month, start editing, let a few people read it, edit again and start working on the query letter and synopsis while doing all that, then ship out query letters to agents.

But for now I better go work on my outlining. There is a lot to do.


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