Saturday, November 9, 2013

NaNoWriMo Day 9

Just noticed how lazy I became and how I started just typing in a number rather than spelling it. Oh well. Its freezing cold down here, I have a lot of writing to do before tomorrow and I don't really have anything interesting to say so this post will be short and very boring. I'm been writing little bits throughout the day. I have been pretty busy today so a lot hasn't been done. I really wanted to get to 20k this weekend but if its cold again tomorrow I may not get a lot of writing done. When its cold my fingers become stiff and wearing my fingerless gloves makes it hard to write. I have a genetic condition which my dad has too where our fingers and toes curls and bend odd. My fingers are thin and curved. The joints have been affected by it, so I'm guessing its the cause of the stiffness in my fingers when its too cold or if I've been typing fast for a long period of time.

Its a pain in the butt but its not something that can be fixed so I just got to push on. Our downstairs basement windows are old and leak like crazy which does not help. My dad will be fixing that issues soon by sealing the windows. So that will help big time when winter rolls around. For now its very cold because of the air leaking inside. My computer is set up right under those leaky windows. Its not fun. But enough of complaining the novel is doing well. I'm focused and am enjoying the characters and plot. No seconds thoughts at all. I'm highly motivated and eager to write this story.

That's it for now. Short I know. Boring, yes. But there wasn't much done today. I haven't hit my first milestone so I can't really say much. But some days are like this. It's not all exciting. Slow days happen to. That's life for you.

Thanks for reading!  


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