Wednesday, December 25, 2013


I did it. 70,000 words goal completed. Let's party! I'll bring the treats, you drink the drinks. What? Maybe next time? Wait, what? It's a holiday? Oh. I see. Maybe next time. For now I'll just celebrate by myself. But you better keep your promise. I'm really happy, even if I'm not really happy. I'm happy for my novel. It's growing and growing. Soon it'll be walking on its own, headed to the bookstores. I can dream.

I'm so sassy today because today has been nothing but drama and I have a very short fuse. Not the best way to celebrate my 70k mark but that's okay. I'll just go ahead and write some more and have my character go party for me. Or not.

Currently I am writing the second to the last chapter. Important events are about to happen, everything is wrapping up, loose ends are explained, tying together in a pretty knot. Being this close to finishing is both sad and exciting. The characters I have become friends with. I find myself thinking "What would so and so do during this event?" Or "How would they feel?" I've put so much raw emotion into this novel. It's become a part of my soul. I am this novel. It's me. In a way I guess. That sounds strange but I feel close to it. So much work has been put into it. I hope it comes through and takes me places.

Besides emotion, I've also improved myself. Unlike my other novels I wrote this novel for myself. I have kept in mind the readers of course. As that's always going to be important but  I also made sure to improve myself so my skills can hold up the heavy plot. Because if I want to get anywhere with writing, I have to keep improving.

So far writing down words I think I need to use more, or that are interesting in a notebook is helping a ton. The words are flouting in my mind. I can easily flip open the notebook and find a word that will fit into the sentence I'm writing. It's really added some spice to my writing. And I've only been doing it for a few days. But it's helping. So I think I'll stick with it.

There is still so much to do with this novel. I'm not sure which path it will lead me down but I'll stick by it the whole way. I have this feeling. It's a good one. Unlike anything else I've ever felt while writing a novel. Maybe it's a sign of something good to come. I'm not sure. I can only hope.

Thanks for reading! Have a safe and happy holidays. Drink something yummy for me.


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