Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New year resolutions

The new year is almost here. For me it's hopefully a new start. This year didn't go that great. There has been a lot of heartbreak and way too many colds. So this time around I want to better myself. I've always thought making resolutions was stupid. But as I got older and kept finding myself stuck in this hole that is slowly growing smaller, I've realized 2014 I will make two, only two resolutions that I will put all my focus onto.

1. Writing

I want a career in writing. That's my dream. I have a good feeling about my novel. I still need to edit, revise, add in two scenes. I also need to write the query letter (and come up with a hook.) as well as a short and long synopsis. I'm going to do more research, spend more hours on improving my skills and try my hardest to get my novel published. That is my main goal for next year.

2. Better myself

Lose weight, improve my writing and sewing, be a better friend, get over my anxiety, learn how to spell anxiety without using auto correct. Okay, maybe that last one isn't one of them. This goal is pretty basic. I think everyone wants these type of things for themselves. Even if they can't achieve them all, at least you've tried.

I also want to improve this blog and meet new people.

This up-coming year may or may not be a good one. But as long as I try my hardest, I think I'll do okay. What are some of your resolutions?


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