Thursday, October 31, 2013

Three hours till NaNoWriMo

The month of writing is nearing! I am ready. Not only with my synopsis but I already have the word goal for the first day finished. I feel great! And am very excited about NaNo this year. Not only am I writing a novel that I feel passionate about but I am hoping to make lots of new friends and read about awesome novels. I'm going to try and be more social on the forums too.

I am thrilled. Today had gone great. We got pumpkins (one was free!) made some roasted pumpkin seeds and gave out candy to some awesomely cute trick or treaters and had a lot of fun. It was a great year. I have lots of extra candy to help fuel my writing.

As a treat for my readers here is my synopsis for From Afar.

Germany is a country full of captivating folklore and mythology. Klaus Mettler never believed in the stories his grandmother used to tell him until he was eight. Sacrificing his life he boldly saved his sister from a lifetime of terror. The Alp was one of those creatures the villagers used to whisper about when strange things happened. But never had Klaus thought he would become one’s target. With nightly visits from an untouchable predator he lives his life from day to day, wondering when he would fail to wake. Klaus succumbs to his fate, knowing there is no stopping the Alp once it has chosen its victim, he lives with his two loyal caretakers, tightly sealed up in his childhood home in the hope his days will go on a little longer. When his younger sister Gabriela left to go to school in America he thought he would never hear from her again. But one day, two years later he receives a letter along with a picture of her and her new friends. The moment should be joyful but he’s left disturbed when he notices a familiar figure in the background of the picture. The Alp has already chosen its next victim and like all those years ago it is once again after his little sister. Klaus doesn’t hesitate to pack up and head off to the university in the hope to find a way to destroy the Alp before his days come to an end. But once there he realizes it may not be as simple as he had hoped.

Thank you for reading!

Happy Halloweenie!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Yes, I am finally finishing my synopsis for my new novel that will be written for NaNoWriMo next month. Although I have already started on the novel, I like to get a little head start. I am loving the characters, the setting and the plot so far and am very excited to write it. But I had yet to finish up the synopsis. Obvious I need one. I could be picked to have a cover made for my novel and of course like any other author in the event I'd love being picked. So I'm really pushing myself to create a great synopsis that will make readers interested in my novel.

I want a firm synopsis that I can go off of and use for when the novel is finished too. So I can write a longer one for agents based off the one I have written for NaNo. It's great practice and gets me to write something I normally hold off. Its turning out really great. I'm really pleased. I think it may be the best synopsis I've written to date. I am so thankful I'm able to bounce ideas off my fiance. He helps me find those silly little mistakes I sometimes over look.

Once it is finished I will post it on my NaNo profile so everyone cane read it. If you are doing NaNo next month make sure you friend me! I'd love to read about your novel and maybe we can help inspire each other to do our best. I'd like that a lot.

My profile is...

Thursday, October 24, 2013

I instead of He

So I did some research, read some suggestions and realized first person is what will be best for my novel. From what I've read first person normally sells better. Teens can relate better to it emotionally and because of the theme of this novel the more emotional I can make the better. Its more marketable by making first person. After I lost my original third person doc I think I sort of lost the connection with it. But because of that I now make sure to upload my files onto my USB at least once each month. Lesson learned.

I feel so bad that I haven't been well enough to work on my sewing and spent the last few days fighting with myself about what POV the novel should be. NaNoWriMo is coming up quickly. I haven't finished my synopsis either. Since I'm finally over my cold I think while I'm sewing tomorrow I'll work on my synopsis while I work. That way I can kill two birds with one stone.

I'm very nervous for NaNo but I'm also very excited about writing this novel. I've changed a lot plot wise, updated the characters and am improving the back story as each day passes and I'm really enjoying this plot a lot. I would start tonight but I'm a bit tired and am coughing pretty badly. So I'm going to wake up early with a fresh start and write before I start sewing. I normally use my old version as a guild but I think this time I'm going to write what comes to mind. To make it more refreshing for me.

So for now I'm going to go and rest a bit. I'll try and write three to four posts a week depending on what's going on. I love writing on this blog. Gives me time to express myself and talk about something I love, writing. I want to do book reviews as well or my thoughts on certain books. But I don't know. If I have time I may do it soon.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Long time no post

Been such a long time. Or least it feels like that. I really need to start writing more posts here whether they are about writing or books or writing books or whatever. This blog needs more love. I've been so busy with cosplay and my cosplay blog and my cosplay FaceBook page that I haven't updated in a while. There is about eight or so days until National Novel Writing Month starts. That means I am getting my butt in gear to finish writing my synopsis and hurry up and figure out if I'm writing From Afar in third person or first.

I was going to write it in third but ever since my third person file had some how managed to vanish off my computer (Replacing itself with a first person copy.) I haven't been able to get into re-writing it in third person. I may just write it in first. I guess it doesn't really matter. I did read that interview by a very well known agent, that I admire greatly, that he'd love to see more third person novels but I'm not feeling it. And I'm afraid I won't be able to keep up for NaNo.

I'm going to test out the waters by writing a scene in first person tomorrow and see how that goes. If I wind up writing it well enough and have a good word count aka I'm in my writing zone then I will keep it going and stick to first person. I have heard first person is easier to write. I have high hopes for this novel. Stronger than any of the other ones I've written. I have NEVER read a novel that focuses on this topic or creature. Its so emotional with a cast of diverse characters that is about family and friendship, finding light within a dark situation. I have most of the novel out lined....within my head. I need to write it out. To map it out so I won't find myself lost at any point.

My out lining will be simple. So it won't take too much time up. Tomorrow as I said will be my test period. Hopefully things go well. Its amazing how far I've come. I'm finding myself more and more inspired each and every day. I want to improve and climb and never stop until my books are in bookstores. Beside being apart of my favorite agency or touring with my favorite author, I think it would be amazing to do a reading and signing at Powells. Powells is amazing bookstore in Portland Oregon. The largest bookstore on the West coast.  Its called the City of books. It's breath taking. And I think my goal for right now (I don't want to get ahead of myself now. You gotta start small.) Focusing on this will be my inspiration to try my hardest with this novel.

I hope your ready Klaus, we're going to be best friend after this. It's going to be long journey but as long I believe in myself and keep improving I can reach out and grab hold of my dream. It'll take a while and will be a hard road ahead of me but I've faced many challenges in the twenty one years I've been alive. I can handle one more.

I feel like I always end my blog posts the same. But I have a cold and really want to go play some Don't Starve so for now this post will end here. I will be paying more attention to this blog as NaNoWriMo starts. I think I'll do a daily blog with my thoughts, feelings, fears, ect. I will leave with showing you the simple cover I made for NaNo as well as a link to my profile so you can friend me.

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The day after finishing a novel

What comes next?

Well, for me I have a lot to think about.

"Do I want to edit? Or take that time to research and outline my next project?"

"What scenes do I need to rewrite/add in?"

"Is it worth writing a query letter for it when I'll be focusing all my attention on my next project?"

"Would it have a wide range of people interested in reading it?"

Like I said, there is a lot to think about. Today I have decided not to edit it. To let it sit so I can have a bit of a breather. I spent hours last night writing that novel and I am still pretty tired. I wrote five thousand words over the course of one day. My brain needs a break. There is a lot of editing to do as well as add in a few scenes I had left out. Maybe change the character a bit and rewrite a few chapters. But right now I have to decide whether or not I want to polish this novel to get it looked at by agents or put all my attention on my next project, which is unlike anything I've seen in book stores. There are a lot of "what if?" going through my mind right now. Today I'm trying to sort all that out.

Since my computer has once again decided there is something wrong and it MUST be repaired I was not able to use it until now. It took about two hours (just like the last two times.) to repair whatever it thinks it messed up. I think it may be because its low on ram. But that will be fixed tomorrow. Just got to delete a ton of stuff in my downloads folder and a few games I don't play. My fiance has promised to get it some more ram later on (Thanks honey! Frankencomputer and I love you!)

He tried bringing up about getting a new one (Wouldn't be now, as computers are a lot of money and I have no job to help pay for it.) but I said no. I love my computer. We called it Frankencomputer for a reason. Its stuffed full of mixed matched components. It has died and been brought back twice (meaning I lost EVERYTHING. Thank goodness for backing up those writing files right?) but it has been loyal to me. And has taken a big beating from me over the years. I love it and will not get a new computer until this thing is on its side breathing its last breath of pixels.

Any who. While I was waiting for the computer to do its thing I got out my Breakout Novelist book and started taking some notes. You in high school, how your teachers tell you taking notes will help you memorize what your learning better? They were telling the truth. It does help. I plan on taking notes throughout the whole book. This book is really helpful. I love it. I call it my writing cookbook mainly because that is what it looks like. I'll leave a link to where you can buy it down below. No, I was not paid to do so. I just really love this book and it may help you too. This book is for writers wanting to become career writers. But it is easy to understand and is very well organized. So for those of you who just want to improve their story telling skills, you might still be interested in reading it.

After I take a few more notes I will start out lining my next novel more. I am very excited to write this next book as I don't think I have ever read anything like it. I will also be writing it in third person which I hadn't done since I started writing my first novel back when I was a freshmen. I have high hopes for it. I'm doing a lot of research as well today. Finding out what Agents are looking for, what they aren't. What is in with readers and what is not. Doing more research on German culture as well as their folklore, myths and urban legends.

So there to answer the question of what is there to do after writing a novel, there is a lot! I have my plate full and I am not going to stop. I am full of strong will right now and I want to improve and do my best this time around. I have a lot resting on this and I want to become published and start my career as a published author as soon as I can. Of course it will take time and lots of cups of coffee. But I enjoy the wait. There is always something to do.

Breakout Novelist written by Donald Maass 


My third novel is done.

Glass Butterfly

1:46 A.M

Words: 80,325
Pages: 276

Work isn't over. Tomorrow I start editing.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The end.

My novel is almost finished. And when I mean almost I mean there is two scenes left for me to write. Right now the word count is at 73,131 and there are 250 pages. I'm pretty sure I'll hit my goal of 80,000 words either tonight or tomorrow. The novel is at a good stopping point. I'm happy with how its coming together. It's been a long year and I've proved to myself I can start and finish novels once more. I still have a lot of editing to do as well as add in a few scenes I had forgotten about. I do already have my fourth novel planned but I am not letting myself write it until I am done with editing. My plan pretty much is the same. I may take a few weeks to let the novel sit while I write up a query letter and synopsis then go back and edit some more before sending out some query letters.

Today I'm taking it easy, going with the flow as I am on the path to finishing the novel. I was going to have a horror movie marathon but couldn't find any good ones (I watch a lot of movies. And am picky.) so I decide to re-watch one of my favorite series, Hemlock Grove. This shows makes werewolves and vampires look amazing. There is certain vibe to the show. I love it so much. I can't wait until season two.

I'm trying my best not to rush so watching a good show, listening to music and taking breaks to read is really helping me. I always rush at the end of a novel. Expect when I'm in the writing mode and it flows naturally. I'm hoping to get the ending on my first try but if not that's why there is a DELETE key on our keyboards. I'm hoping to be finished by tomorrow. I have a lot of editing to do and lots of layout work to do for my fourth novel, From Afar.

I've been wanting to write From Afar for a while but decided I should wait. It will be written in third person which I personally feel I'm better at writing. It'll take a lot more thinking and more planning but I'm excited. It will involve a creature from German folklore that I've never seen be written about in a YA novel. It also allows me to dig deeper into my German ancestry. I've very excited to learn more and have an excuse to learn more German.

So that's it for now. I need to get started here in a bit.

Toodles for now.