Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hello again~

Its been much too long.

Working on costumes and getting ready for a big convention has taken away most of my attention. But this break has opened new doors for me. I always seem to do better after a bit of a break. Truly I feel as if my will to write has been reborn. I'm trying to take more breaks to sit down, put on some music and write. The passion is still there, it just needs to have the dust swept off it. So it can once again shine in the light. Its time for me to focus on this, as it is something I want to someday make my career.

Dreams are important.

But you are the only one who can make them come true. With a little focus and a lot of effect, you can do some amazing things. Our brains are powerful. Creating a world entirely out of words, allowing the reader to drift off, to see this world inside their minds like a movie. I want to reach that point. I want a lot of things but writing is always on the top of my list.

I just forgot how much it meant to me.

Brushing away the cobwebs I've realized it again.

Its time to write.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Writing up a storm. I'm baaaaack.

Finally getting back into writing. I've been having a lot of doubts and issues but somehow I've forced myself over that road bump and am back on track. I may be horribly behind and not quite where I would like to be but its a start. A refreshing start. I've realized that by cutting out everything besides music and inspirational pictures while writing I'm able to write more, longer instead of getting sidetracked.

I've decided to keep writing The invisible Prince instead of switching back to my other novel that is a bit above this one in word count. And I'm liking the setting so far. With a fantasy genre you really have  a wide range of freedom and along with a great main character its going rather well. Although I want to improve as much as I can, I know it wont happen over night. And I wont know if it doesn't interest any agent until I send out some queries letters (Only after the novel is finished of course!) so I can't jump to conclusions. Taking things slow, researching, learning as much as I can is all I really do. And of course, the most important thing above all...

I'm having fun.

Selling: Lolita

I'm selling a few lolita items and searching to buy or trade a few items. I live in Oregon in a non-smoking household. I do have pets, lots of them! (Three cats, two hamsters and a dog.) None of which go into my room, expect the hamsters but those are in a cage. My items are stored in my closet in garment bags.


~USA only 
~I only use flat rate boxes from USPS
~Items will be shipped within one-three days after full payment 
~I'm not responsible for the package after it is shipped
~Tracking costs extra for flat rate.


~I will do payment plans
~Items will not ship until full payment has been paid
~Down payment is required and will not be given back
~Paypal accepted (I use my fiance's account it will not be under my name, it does have my address listed though.)

None right now. I've only sold and shipped one item. I'm awaiting feedback after she gets back from a convention. 

~If I'm willing to do trades on certain items I'll say so
~Must be of equal or higher price 
~Local only in less you have feedback (I've never done a trade before.)


Item one:

FanPlusFriend sweet lolita discontinued detachable bowknots JSK. Worn once for a few hours. 

Reason for selling: Not into pink anymore. Or sweet.

~Four detachable matching bows 
~ Ribbon/cord for back and front
~Attached underskirt with lace 
~Has pockets!

Has no stains, tears or rips. Like new. Bought for $105 during last year's new year sales on F+F site. Needs to go ASAP! Willing to trade for a new JSK. Size: F+F 95 (42in/107cm)  If you want my measurements or more please just ask and I'll give them to you. I would say 42 in bust is the MAX. It fits perfectly and can be worn with a shirt under and it still being comfortable.

Selling for: 75$

Pictures of my JSK are posted here on my photobucket

Stock picture:

Item Two:

FanPlusFriend gothic lolita long sleeves trench coat&cape

Never used! Only tried on a few times. Too tight, wont close over my bust. Beautiful coat perfect for spring and fall. No stains or tears, its never been worn. Lovely red color, lined inside. Has two working pockets on the front. With bow that can be unbutton on the back, also comes with matching cape. No missing buttons. This coat is wonderful for classical lolitas. Its very Victorian and flairs at your hips, giving you a wonderful curve to your body. I adore this coat but it just doesn't fit and I can't have it just sitting in my closet unused. Its too nice to just sit.

Size: I believe this is F+F size 80 (bust:98cm/38in) but I could be wrong. I have to take measurements upon request.

I'm selling it for $100 or OBO. (No trades)

Stock photos

Proof Pictures



White boots

White or ivory (Non-shiny) boots. Ankle or higher with lacing on the front. Size 9 or 9.5 (us) or 25 or 25.5 (Jp). Need by March! Low heel, no platform or rocking horse style. Price limit- No higher than $60. 


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Game day

Turn on the TV, pop some popcorn, sit on a comfy couch, family all around....Wait what? Heck no. I don't mean THAT game day. Today is the start. I'm not allowing myself to go back, to pick at myself and my writing anymore. All those thoughts about "Will this sell?" or "Is it good enough" are being evicted out from my head. I'm taking a stand and planning things out, changing things if they must but not allowing myself to write less than 2,000 words a day. I have to catch up to where I wanted to be by now. Sure it'll be a lot of work seeing as I'm trying to find a job, sewing two costumes all while trying to find enough time to chill, put on some music and get lost in my writing like I used to.

So today is truly a game day. Maybe not the kind you're getting ready for. I'm planning things out, changing a few smaller details and starting where I left off. I have to stop and sew around two-three to try and finish up one of the costumes so I have to start soon. 

So I'm keeping this post short. There is much to be done right now. day I'll be able to step into the shoes I long for. Many other writers have the same dreams, NewYork Times best seller, touring around the world with other authors, perhaps entering the same agency as their favorite author. I might not be special  in that case....but as long as I can inspire others I don't really care what happens from there. 

But I feel it's time. 

So wish me good luck...or no, send me positive thoughts. I could use those more. Ta-ta for now. I have much to do. If you are also a writer and are stuck, take a few days off, calm your thoughts, watch your favorite movies, inspire yourself. Everything else will come when you allow it to. Good luck to you too.