Wednesday, November 13, 2013

NaNoWriMo day 13

Wow. This is the first time in a while that I've popped open my novel's word doc and started writing without worrying about word count or anything, I opened it to write. Because I want to write! I'm so happy. Normally I drag my feet but I'm really excited about this novel. I'm in the third chapter now. Each chapter is quite long but since I've switched it up and brought in another character's view the chapters will no longer be named. So if there is a short number of chapter I'm okay with it.

I have been thinking about the length I want to end with. I'm thinking around 60-70k. It will not be as long as the novel I had recently finished before this one. I have high hopes for this novel. Because I'm enjoying it. Even through my first novel is very dear to my heart, I'm enjoying writing this one more. My passion is back which means now I need to start working on my range of words. I'm not fortunate enough to be able to go to school for writing so I have to teach myself. Which isn't hard to do with the internet. I need to start buckling down and using all my writing books. So I think I'll try and read them one hour per day whether its at night or not. When I read my books I always make sure to take notes. It really helps me remember what I've read. It also helps me stay on track and put what I've learned to use.

So I really need to start doing that again. It'll be one of my goals while writing this novel. My goals right now are..

  • Learn a new word to replace a word I use too often
  • Learn a new word per day
  • Read an hour per day (Novel help novels.)

So thanks everyone for reading. I hope this post is a bit more interesting than my last ones. 


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