Thursday, November 14, 2013

NaNoWriMo Day 14

Almost to my 100th page! I am so happy. I just finished up with the third chapter and now am on the fourth, back to the main character's POV. Right now I am sitting at 26k. Almost 30k! I will need to get to 27k tonight to finish off tomorrow's word count. Although I really want to stop and go play Don't Starve. I may stop at twelve and force myself to do most of the work tomorrow. I'm quite proud of myself that I haven't given up and skipped a day or two yet. Hopefully I don't and keep strong. I will not be finishing at 50k. My goal is more of 70k.

So once again, another short post. There isn't much to say when I post everyday. Which sucks but I normally remember to write up a post when I am dead tired. So this is for today. Thank you for reading.


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