Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NaNoWriMo day six

And you thought I wouldn't post a day six post, huh? I've just been busy. I have cosplay on the brain. So I don't have much to talk about today. But I decided I need to post once everyday to just share my thoughts and feelings. I made the silly mistake of posting my word count for tomorrow today so I wrote more than 2,000 words today. Oops. I don't mind really. I only post a 1,667 words to my word count so if I cannot write one day I have an extra 1,667 to post for that day instead of not posting at all. I need to get to 13,526 words in order to post 1,667 words  for tomorrow. I'm at 12,819 right now and its 9:57 PM. So I have lots of time. I just got to a very important part and am now in the second chapter so I'm sure I'll get to my goal tonight.

My first two chapters are called...

One: Always the Same
Two:Making an effort

Not sure what the third or even the rest will be called. I make them up as I go, changing them when I please. I like having chapter names. Gives a clue to the reader as to what's to come. When I walk into a bookstore and decide I want a book I have never read before without researching it before hand I check two things. I read the synopsis and the chapter names if the book has them. I think more novels should have them. Its sort of my thing. Helps me get excited about the novel, gives me clues as what might happen next. They are helpful.

The first chapter name I decided on because of the line “I thought it would be different here. But it’s the same. I feel the same. No matter where I go it will always be the same. Just like the rain.” Its an important line for the main character and one of my favorites. So I named the chapter after it.

Making an effort is not really a clue. It's more about the struggles of the main character as he's trying to fit in, open up and make an effort befriending other students. He's going outside his comfort zone, trying to be a normal student. 

Before I go to write another one of my favorite lines I wrote today is... 

"Once it chooses its prey, it will never go away"

Thank you so much for reading!


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