Friday, December 27, 2013

Done. For now.

When ever I say "I just finished my novel." I mean I've only just started. Yes. The novel is finished. The plot has ended, the characters have said goodbye. But it's just the start. There is editing (This can go on and on. Just don't over do. Stop when you feel you've nit picked your novel enough. over editing is obvious.) and revising. I have a few small scenes I had wanted to write but forgot that I need to go in and write in. It'll also help the word count go up. Not that I'm not okay with where I am at. More words the better. Then there is the task of writing a query letter and a short and long synopsis. That's only if you want to head towards the career writing path. Which I do. I hopefully can get the revising and editing finished before January as there is a contest coming up around Jan.14th that I would like to enter. Although I would much rather have an agent it could be a great way to open a few doors in the writing world. 

There is a lot to do. The journey doesn't end here. I used to think goodbyes were forever. And it may still be the case among people but not with novels. I'll get to read over and editing a lot while I'm in the process of polishing up my manuscript. I'll get to see the characters, hear their voice and follow along on their journey again and again until I am finished and ready to start sending out query letters. Even then I may pop up the word doc on my Kindle just to remind myself of my dreams.

I'm excited. 

I think tonight I will leave the word doc closed. Maybe I'll work on the query letter or synopsis or maybe just sit back, watch a movie and play around with a short story or something. I'm not sure. I'm feeling emotional beat. 

Thank you so much for reading. I'll be updating (hopefully) often as I go through the next steps. 


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