Saturday, November 16, 2013

NaNoWriMo day 16

I hit 30k last night! As well as 100 pages. I could not stop writing. I really got into the story and just kept at it until 3 AM. I decided to add in the extra thousand word count for NaNo get to me a bit more ahead. I'm really happy with this novel. And i know I say that every time but I am. I was starting to doubt myself, my writing skills and if my writing had lost its luster. But once I accepted that I needed to try harder and need some work, all those thoughts went away and writing became easier. It just flowed right out from my mind onto my word doc. It was nice to finally let go of all that stress and just write. Even today I'm finding it very easy to get lost and just write.

Although right now I'm going to take a break, play some Don't Starve and relax for a few hours before starting to write again. When I play video games I always have a notebook on hand because when I'm letting myself relax I find new scenes often pop into my mind or conversations. So I make sure I can write them down in case I decided to write them into my novel later on.

Over all so far, it's only week two, I'm very pleased with how my novel is going and how well I've kept up with writing everyday. I think after this is done I will keep doing this. Not only does it keep my creativity working and in check but I love the escape writing a novel gives me. I have high hopes for this novel. The best out come would be to find an agent and get published. Maybe 2014 will be my year. Who knows. Right now all I'm going to do is try my very best to get this story written as I saw it in my head.

I hope you are having much success with NaNo is you are entered. And if not, I hope you will join us next year. It's never too late to write a novel. Go buy yourself a notebook. Start filling that with stories or ideas. Go from there. Start small. You don't need to do it with the thought of getting published. Do it for fun and I promise you, you won't be sorry.

Thank you for reading!


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