Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Yes, I am finally finishing my synopsis for my new novel that will be written for NaNoWriMo next month. Although I have already started on the novel, I like to get a little head start. I am loving the characters, the setting and the plot so far and am very excited to write it. But I had yet to finish up the synopsis. Obvious I need one. I could be picked to have a cover made for my novel and of course like any other author in the event I'd love being picked. So I'm really pushing myself to create a great synopsis that will make readers interested in my novel.

I want a firm synopsis that I can go off of and use for when the novel is finished too. So I can write a longer one for agents based off the one I have written for NaNo. It's great practice and gets me to write something I normally hold off. Its turning out really great. I'm really pleased. I think it may be the best synopsis I've written to date. I am so thankful I'm able to bounce ideas off my fiance. He helps me find those silly little mistakes I sometimes over look.

Once it is finished I will post it on my NaNo profile so everyone cane read it. If you are doing NaNo next month make sure you friend me! I'd love to read about your novel and maybe we can help inspire each other to do our best. I'd like that a lot.

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