Sunday, December 29, 2013


The dreaded synopsis. Writing one is cramming your huge novel (mine is 75k.) into two-three pages. You have to write about the important stuff (Plot twist, characters, climax) while leaving all the emotions, connections and casual moments. Yet still trying to make the reader want to know more. It's challenging and I will admit, I'm not a huge fan of writing one. But its necessary. Almost all agents these days ask for a short or longer version of a synopsis.

I haven't written one in a long time so today I took the time to research and refresh my memory on the subject. I've found a few new sites that are super helpful. I've been writing down notes all day and will start writing later this evening. I personally like bouncing ideas off my fiance who has read my novel. We make a game of it and that distraction really helps me get out of the "Shit, I'm writing a synopsis!" phase and allows me to focus on getting the synopsis finished.

Today I've used these sites to take notes from...

I've also found two YA novel synopsis that have been requested by agents. You can find those here.

Reading those really made me inspired. I'm going to try my best and go outside my comfort zone so I can really push myself to work hard on these professional files.

That's it for today. Not a very long post. I've been doing research most of the day which is causing me to go crazy as I've been so used to writing and sewing (Took the day off since I need supplies.) everyday. I can't wait to someday share my synopsis.

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