Sunday, November 3, 2013

NaNoWriMo day three

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As you can see from the screenshot I posted above I am right on track. If keep writing the speed which I am I will finish on November 27th. Not bad. I want to do better. I'm really enjoying writing this novel but I do get terribly distracted throughout the day which makes me be very slow. I'm really looking forward to the ten free ebooks we get if we finish our novels at the end of the month so I'm really trying my hardest this year. Those ebooks will be about writing and publishing. So any free resource I can get my hands on is only going to help me improve even more.

My goal is to finish the last week or earlier, edit during the month of December then enter the Amazon novel contest while sending out query letters. I don't need much editing time. I edit as I write. But I do overlook mistakes just like everyone else. So I have my fiance read over it to see if he can find anything that needs to be changed. It's super helpful having an extra set of eyes.

I was going to talk a bit about my characters today but once again I am just not up for it. I really have the urge to write right now so I'm ending this post short. I won't say I'm writing about this or that on my next post because I have no idea what I will write about.

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