Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Really means a lot. So as promised here is a small excerpt from my novel, The Glass Butterfly.

I tried to wonder what would happen if I let myself believe. If I saw past their masks and looked into their cold, hard eyes. I knew without having anyone telling me that things would change and there would be no going back. This town had always appeared so normal. There was main street with all it's little shops, like the big antique shop with it's cluttered window displays and the French styled cafe with the metal tables that never seemed to rust no matter how many times they stood in the rain. None of it was strange.

Not until I opened my eyes.

Standing here at the very end of the road to nowhere I can understand why this seemingly normal town and it's residents would call main street by such a name as the road to nowhere, but they are wrong.  Footsteps approach from behind me. They are slow, cautious and after what had just happened, I didn't blame him for being so cautious around me.

"The road to nowhere leads somewhere."


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