Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I'm not dead? Whoa.

I popped on to check something and am amazed this blog is still getting views. Hi guys! I've been going on Tumblr but my interest in it is dropping. It's so full of hate. And nearly impossible to reply to comments. I'm thinking of either coming back to this blog or starting another blog on a different site.

As a quick little update for whoever you awesome people are, I have been struggling a lot with my writing. Something was wrong. My passion had died. The flame about to become smoke. So I stopped my current project and decided to return to where it all started--my very first novel. Of course its different. It has a new plot, remade characters, fresh takes and a lot cut out from the plot. Its not being coddled. It's not my baby. I'm not afraid to tear it to pieces and try again.

The biggest change is the POV. I've found out as of late that I am MUCH better at writing third person. Its coming very naturally. And the best part is I'm having a blast. My passion has been restored and I'm sitting here eager to write. How awesome is that? I'm thrilled. For some strange reason or another this novel will not leave me alone. Maybe that means something.

Whatever the reason is I'm going with it. I'm going to take this story that was once written in a pile of notebooks to the best thing I have ever written. If you want to support me and get updates. Leave a comment. Even just saying hi would mean a lot to me.

Thanks for stopping by whoever you lovely people are. See you soon hopefully.