Saturday, August 10, 2013

So you wrote a novel...or three

The Glass Butterfly is my current project. It's going good. I have been a bit stuck at certain parts but I'm finding turning everything off and turning on music helps big time. The Glass Butterfly is a YA urban fantasy with supernatural themes. There is adventure, friendship, mystery and a bit of romance. And lots of creepy characters, wings included.

Fairy tales and faeries have been a huge part of my life since I was young. They have inspired me throughout my life. Some how managing to keep me interested, even now. But as I've learn life isn't always happy-happy all the time. So this fairytale has a dark side. Murder, teen girls kidnapped, bullying, mental illness all haunt this story. I love beautifully horrifying things. Ugly can be pretty in the eyes of someone with an open -mind. I love oddities (The show too!) and want to  really add some ugly-pretty to this novel.

The main character is someone who will grow and evolve into a strong woman with a power mind and a strong heart. When the story starts she has one friend, the rest of the school either ignores her or makes fun of her for being strange, even through she can't figure out what is so strange about her. As certain things happen she finds herself needing to take control of her life. With her two allies and dear friends, Thorn, the tattoo parlor's expert in piercing and a strange boy with eyes that seem to glow like flames, she hurries to uncover her forgotten past before someone comes back to hunt her down.

My goal is about 80,000 words in less I wind adding more to the end while I end which I'm guessing like my other novel will turn up around 100,000 words. Which I'm perfectly fine with. I want to finish writing this novel by fall. After this up-coming con I'm taking a few months off of sewing to focus all my attention on this novel and finding a stable job. In October there is a writing convention that I will be attending with my fiance. I really cannot wait to go to it. They have lots of panels for writers.

Once I finish writing I plan on editing, letting my fiance read over it, edit again and start sending out query letters. I want it to be polished before sending it out. I want this novel to be something I can be proud of. Something different from all the other fairy novels out there. I'm putting my heart into it. I really hope it goes well.

In November for National Novel Writing Month I will either be writing my other novel, UnNatural.  I do have some out-lining to do to it before I start re-writing it. If I am not comfortable writing it then I may just write my other YA novel, Crisis Mode Major. Which will be my first non-fantasy novel. It'll be more serious, more emotional than anything I have ever written.

So I better go write I only have one hour before I need to start working on my cosplay. So thank you for viewing! I'll be updating more often after the convention at the end of the month.


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