Tuesday, November 5, 2013

NaNoWriMo Day Five

Last night I was a writing machine. 9k to 10k then 11k. I could not stop. I was in the writing mood and no one would stop me. I had written today's word count and tomorrows. Not bad. I enjoyed my writing session and realized I do write much better when I put on music and let myself get carried away. The words would not stop. I was really happy to be writing nonstop. I did, however finally stop around 2 in the morning. I am beat. I decided to spend my morning watching The Paradise. I must finish season one. Its a wonderful show. And its been making me think about which novel I want to write next.

I like being one step ahead of myself. I am torn between a Urban Fantasy and a fantasy YA novel. Obviously the novel I am writing now is more of a Urban Fantasy. I now need to think do I want to write another? Or try something new and finally write my fantasy novel? The fantasy needs a lot of tweaking while the Urban is already fully plotted with characters that have been polished and is ready to go. I'm really torn between the two. I may not have to worry it about it now but its always good to plan ahead.

On day five I am caught up and hopefully I will finish on the 27-28th. Maybe after a few more late night writing sessions I may finish much earlier. That would be great. More time to edit. There is a lot to do but I'm feeling really good about this novel. Much better than I have about any other I've written.

Thank you for reading!


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