Thursday, October 31, 2013

Three hours till NaNoWriMo

The month of writing is nearing! I am ready. Not only with my synopsis but I already have the word goal for the first day finished. I feel great! And am very excited about NaNo this year. Not only am I writing a novel that I feel passionate about but I am hoping to make lots of new friends and read about awesome novels. I'm going to try and be more social on the forums too.

I am thrilled. Today had gone great. We got pumpkins (one was free!) made some roasted pumpkin seeds and gave out candy to some awesomely cute trick or treaters and had a lot of fun. It was a great year. I have lots of extra candy to help fuel my writing.

As a treat for my readers here is my synopsis for From Afar.

Germany is a country full of captivating folklore and mythology. Klaus Mettler never believed in the stories his grandmother used to tell him until he was eight. Sacrificing his life he boldly saved his sister from a lifetime of terror. The Alp was one of those creatures the villagers used to whisper about when strange things happened. But never had Klaus thought he would become one’s target. With nightly visits from an untouchable predator he lives his life from day to day, wondering when he would fail to wake. Klaus succumbs to his fate, knowing there is no stopping the Alp once it has chosen its victim, he lives with his two loyal caretakers, tightly sealed up in his childhood home in the hope his days will go on a little longer. When his younger sister Gabriela left to go to school in America he thought he would never hear from her again. But one day, two years later he receives a letter along with a picture of her and her new friends. The moment should be joyful but he’s left disturbed when he notices a familiar figure in the background of the picture. The Alp has already chosen its next victim and like all those years ago it is once again after his little sister. Klaus doesn’t hesitate to pack up and head off to the university in the hope to find a way to destroy the Alp before his days come to an end. But once there he realizes it may not be as simple as he had hoped.

Thank you for reading!

Happy Halloweenie!


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