Sunday, September 22, 2013

The good and bad

Today was....a mix of emotions. Let's start off with the good. A place called about a job offer. The bad? It was on the 17th. Again our phones did not ring. Luckily my dad was going through the calls, deleting the old when he saw they had called. I was horrified. That was how I lost my last job offer because the phone didn't ring. I'm going to call tomorrow, although I doubt a hiring manager is in on a Sunday but I won't take the risk. If not I'll call again on Monday and so on until I talk with her and explain our phone problem. I'm hoping the job is still open so I can go in on Monday and take the test and find out if I have a chance at this job. It would be amazing as it is a stable job. Which means my fiance and I will be getting married this coming April.

It also means I will be stopping the novel I am writing either to rewrite it in third person or start on my other one. I really feel third is what I am meant to write and I just can't handle first anymore. I have become too lazy. Writing in third makes me feel like a real storyteller, not the character saying what is in their head at the moment.

I can only hope that the job is still open. That i have a chance at getting it so our lives can finally start and I can become even more serious about my writing. There is a lot I want to do but I must take it day by day. Wish me luck as I will greatly need it.

Other news. I'll be attending WordStock in October. Hopefully my fiance has the days off as I wouldn't be able to go otherwise. There will be lots of workshops and authors, even agents. It'll be a great way to learn and meet some more local writers. I'm looking forward to it!


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