Monday, November 25, 2013

NaNoWriMo day 25

Only 4,000 words left go until I'm finished with NaNo. I will not be done at 50k. As I'm currently aiming towards a 60-70k word goal. It's almost done. I can see the finish line. Or the first finish line. As I need to edit then start writing up a query letter and a synopsis.  So there is still a lot to do. I did write a very important and emotional scene the other day and I think anyone who reads it will really enjoy the passion I've put into this novel. There is something different about writing this one than my others. I think its because I've put my soul into it. There is a lot this novel can do for me. So I wanted to return the favor and try my hardest.

Sorry for the short post but I need to get ready for my long day of sewing. Thank you everyone who reads my blog.


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