Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cosplay/review blog?

Should I add on another blog? One 100% on reviews and cosplay? I think I will just to give me something to do and to help keep this one just about writing. I'm not sure if I will yet, since I would like to link this in my query letter. But I suppose I'll just have think things over.

Only 8 (Really 7) days left til Sakura-con.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


How do I always manage to hurt myself right before a con? Last time I got a huge cut across my foot and was wobbling in pain most of the con. This time I got scratched across my nose and cheek by my dear cat, whom disliked the fact I was playing in her cardboard box. It's healing okay. It's getting kind of gross through, starting to pus and such. But I suppose that's a good sign my white blood cells are working hard to fix it. I just hope it doesn't scar since I scar very easily, thank you overly pale skin. I'm not sure if I'm more worried about the redness or the fact it might scar. Especially since we're doing a private photo shoot this year...

That's what make-up is for I suppose. I wouldn't normally put make-up on healing wounds because I'm guessing that would burn like heal, but I'm pretty sure it'll be closed by the con. At least I hope so. Geez what a boring blog post....

That's okay because tomorrow (I'm seeing Hunger Games!!!) I'll be doing a review for

Honeycolor sells awesome circle lenses. We bought two different pairs for our cosplay and I'm so impressed by what we got I'll make sure I do a review about them. I'll also be doing some quick and short (fun!) reviews on some make-up products I got for my birthday. Since make-up reviews are always good to have, especially if you're looking to buy something good for a cheap price.

There are only 12 days until the con. Sadly it looks like I will not be getting my lovely rocking horse shoes. I'm keeping track of all the e-mails so I can review them once I do get them. My hubby says there is still a chance of getting them before the con....but I'm pretty darn sure if they do ship by that week it'll come the day after we leave. Knowing my luck. It's very bad. But I had planned around this. I'll be wearing my sweet lolita (pink and white, that's my color theme) Anna House shoes. I hate them because they scruff easily and are too big but I fixed that by stuffing in extra fabric I had laying around. I'll just have to take them off when I'm walking to and from the hotel.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Well it happened. I'm now twenty. An adult, no longer a teen. Weird thinking about it. But I don't feel any different. My birthdays normally don't go well but today I was impressed. I got everything I wanted and needed for the con. Plus extra surprises. I feel really loved and I wouldn't change my life. (of course getting published or having a job would be nice. As well as being married...)

I have high hopes for the future. If Promise Me can't get published I'll be sure to get Insomnium published. This way I can get Promise Me published later on.

For my birthday I had two goals, don't be grumpy and find the underbust waist nipper I wanted. I did both. I do admit I did get a bit touchy, because I was sore from walking and felt gross from the rain making my hair all nasty. But I overlooked my mom's pushiness and had a good day. Lots of foot rubs from my hubby. XD

So I wanted a waist nipper (Underbust corset) to help me feel more confident while wearing my outfits for the con and I didn't find the plain one that was 25$ BUT we went to another store and found the fancier one for only 28$ (It was on sale) So I was very pleased with the item I got. The best thing about it is how well it works. It really does help me feel good about wearing my clothing. The best thing's super comfortable. Shocking right? It feels weird to bend in but otherwise I love the darn thing.

Besides that (And some undergarments) my mother and I stumbled upon a HUGE sale on coats. Normally I have issues finding a good coat. It either doesn't button/zip over my bust, is the wrong style (looks bad on my body type), or is way too much. I got a lovely purple light wool coat that was 100$ for only.....


It fits perfect like it was made for me. I am so pleased. I really needed a good coat with a hood. I live in Oregon. It rains 60% of the time. I am pleased.

When I got home and took a shower, my hubby picked me up and took me to ULTA (a make-up store) and let me pick out a few items. I got two more China Glaze Hunger Games nail polish, a new stick of eyeliner (for the con...), mascara, lip gloss, and Sally H's salon effects no paint nail decals (Or what ever they are called.) They are white with pink dots, which matches my lolita outfit color scheme. I was also surprised with two DS games. A pokemon one and a Kingdom Hearts one. I am very spoiled. >.<

I just hope my rocking horse shoes are going to be shipped by the 5th. Wish me luck!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Always second

Why do I bother putting so much trust into people I barely know? Most likely it's because I want them to be my friend so badly I willing to allow a little bit of trust. But this is just too much. To the point I feel like not talking to the people as often as I did.

If you make plans with people, then stick to those plans. It's rude making plans getting the other person so excited then making other plans with other people. I just don't understand. Maybe people are put off by the fact I cling to my hubby. That's just too damn bad. He's my rock otherwise I would be someone they wouldn't and couldn't stand.

I want to open myself up. Be the person I was. But I'm seeing that even through I did open up and I did try hard to talk and start conversation, that people just plan out don't like me enough to stick with our plans. I feel used.

But what's new with that? I always come in second. I just...was hoping for something different. Now I just feel numb. It wasn't like these people were my new best friends or anything. I still didn't know them that well and I suppose I may be freaking out over nothing. It's just every time I try to make friends, this always happens. I just don't understand. I feel like I'm cursed.

So maybe it's time to focus only on myself. Something I haven't done in forever. I mean my damn birthday is coming up and now I feel like shit. I don't think my mood can be lifted either. I'm just so confused. I'm about to give up. Con buddies stay con buddies I guess. It's really too bad too. Nice people. I'm good at faking smiles.

I don't know why but I'm always so down during the last few weeks of March. I have a feeling this gloom and doom won't go away any time soon either. Perhaps it's here to stay again. I'll embrace it and use it for my nonfiction novel. That's the only thing I can do with it.

The lesson is...

Well...I don't know yet. Use your powers for good. Something like that. XD

A new Challenge

I've never been one to challenge myself. I'm used to struggling through normal things...but the more I think it over the more I want to start writing a nonfiction novel. I know there aren't many nonfiction novels aimed at young adults talking about the struggle of depression and loss. I have this novel pictured in my mind. A short novel, long enough to answer questions but still short where the reader wants more. Each chapter starts with a photo, taken by me of course.

What would it be about?

My search for my sister's grave. How I found out about her. What happened in between now and then, how I struggled with the idea of having a sister, the people I meant and the people who bullied me. My life through middle school. How my depression started, what became of it. All the way up to my first year in high school. To the point where I started to search for my sister's grave. And how I found myself while doing so.

I know a lot of kids are being bullied now. To the point where the teens are killing themselves. I also know this has been happening for years. But I truly believe it started getting worse when I was in middle school. I've always wanted to inspire people. By doing this I can not only inspire but maybe push someone to get help, to speak up.

Some people go to therapy, I write novels. I may not be able to speak about what had happened to me all those years ago. And I may have locked a lot of it up, but I think this will not only help me come to terms with my past but help everyone I know and who was involved realize what they had done to the once cheery girl I had been.

Maybe I won't even get it published. Maybe I'll just post it on here as a way to relief my grief. I don't know. But I really feel I need to write it down before it slips from my mind completely. It'll be something new to the market (If I do get it published) because I'm not some doctor or stiff adult who's only researched these topics and has never lived through it. If I could help just one person I would be so happy. So that will be my goal as I write this novel. I'll think of that one person who I might be saving. And maybe someday they'll become real.

For now I'll start by outlining the chapters.

I already have a title chosen.

Living For You.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Con check list

Oh no! You have a huge convention coming up in a few weeks and you have spent all your time working hard on getting those costumes and props finished and photo ready for the con. What are you going pack? What if you forget something important? Something you can't buy at a store?

The best thing to do is calm down and think about what you really need to pack. It's better to do this not too early and not too late, I.e the day before the con. I've learned the hard way about packing. You see A year ago, Sakura-con was my first convention. So of course I went crazy and packed things I didn't even use. So this year I'm making a check list. For those who are rushing to figure out just what they need and what they don't here is an example, my check list for Sakura-con 2012!!

After each category I'll explain why I'm bring these items and why it's important to.


  • Costumes (Sharon's gown plus accessories)
  • Wigs (Sharon+Break+GothicLolitaWig)
  • Shoes (Sharon's,RH/lolita,Flats)
  • Casual Clothing
  • Coat,sweatshirt
  • Lolita dress (Plus removable bows)
  • Bloomers, Petticoat, Leggings(3 pairs), socks.
  • Undergarments
  • PJs

Personal Hygiene
  • Toothpaste,brush, floss
  • Mini shampoo and conditioner
  • Q-tips
  • Hair brush, wig brush, soft bristled brush
  • Deodorant
  • Cosplay contacts, cases, solution
  • Female Hygiene products
  • Body wash
  • Shaving creme,razor
  • Purfume
  • Make-up
Medical Products
  • Mouth guard
  • Tums
  • Aspirin
  • Bands aids
  • Neosporin
  • Iron pills
  • Small first aid kit
  • Sewing kit
  • Safety pins, bobby pins, wig tape
  • Glue gun
  • Masks
  • I.D
  • Badge, print out bar code
  • Camera set (case,batteries, cord,memory cards)
  • Netbook, wireless mouse
  • CDs
  • Pillow, non-white case


'Nuff said. (Cosplay=costume play)

Another needed item in cosplaying

No use explaining this one. My RH (rocking horse) shoes have yet to arrive and are supposed to soon so in case they don't ship in time (Which it seems it'll be cutting it close) I'll just wear my Anna House lolita shoes. I'm glad I have them for back up. The flats are the type that they show on TV that fold away. Nothing expensive, just something to wear while I'm walking to and foe from the hotel to the con.

Casual Clothing
Just in case something tears beyond repair or you simply need something more comfortable to wear around the hotel room or even if your going out to dinner you will want some more comfortable clothing. I packed WAY too many pairs of casual clothing. So this year I'm only bringing a pair of jeans, a extra shirt, a dress and some leggings. Nothing fancy that I can slip on if I become too uncomfortable after a day of running around in a ball gown.

Seattle can often be very cold and wet. So just in case we aren't as lucky as last year (which was sunny the whole weekend) I'm bringing my F+F coat. During the evenings when we are eating dinner in the hotel, I always wear a sweatshirt. It's just comfortable for downtime.

Lolita dress
This is my main outfit for evening events. Concerts, late night events. I'm also wearing it on day zero. So I will be wearing it a lot. This will also be the dress I'll be wearing the full day three since it's always dead. If you are a lolita and are wearing full lolita the whole con I suggest bringing more than one dress just to mix things up each day. Do a different theme each day.

Socks are lounge time in the hotel room. I rarely walk around bare feet. Since I'm a bit larger I don't wear knee high socks with my lolita dress. I find them looking very bad on larger girls. Leggings are clean and often can make your legs and thighs appear smaller, leaner. Plus they don't fall down! I love leggings. I wear white lace leggings under my cosplay gown, I bring two pairs since leggings often rip easily. I also was bought pink and white leggings for my lolita dress. Besides that for casual clothing I'm bring a pair of black foot-less leggings. Bloomers and petticoat are for my lolita dress. The bloomers are also for wearing under my gown.

Bring your undies! XD

I love lounging around in my lounge pants after a long day of walking and nonstop fun. If you're staying in a room with lots of people bring something that your comfortable wearing but is also modest. You aren't staying at home or with your boyfriend, bring something that's comfortable not sexy.

Toothpaste, brush, floss
Be clean! You're going to be smiling most of the day for photos. You don't need blinding white teeth, just brush daily and make sure you don't have food in your teeth.

Mini shampoo and conditioner
Wash your hair! Even if your wearing a wig cap and wig. A long day wearing wigs will make even the cleanest hair yucky. So do us all a favor and wash your hair. That means shower! No one likes a stinky person.

Great for other uses besides cleaning your ears. They can be used for fixing make-up for example. You don't need to bring a huge case of them but it's a good idea to buy a mini case of them. Most stores sell mini cases of q-tips near the travel items.

Hair brush,wig brush,soft bristled brush
Holy cow! Three brushes? My normal hair brush is a must have. I have colored damaged hair from dying it over and over. So it tangles badly. Plus it helps to comb your hair before you put on a wig cap. The wig brush and soft bristled brush is for my wigs. Normally I wouldn't' use a soft bristled brush on wigs but my Gothiclolitawig needs it. I can't use the normal wig brush on it because of the unique waves.

Please, PLEASE wear deodorant. It's very important not to stink when your walking a lot and near tons of people. Be kind and wear deodorant, even if you shower.

Cosplay contacts,cases,solution
If your like me and are obsessed with cosplaying the character to a key, you wear colored circle lenses. I also have very poor eyesight. I mean bad enough to the point I HAVE to wear my glasses. So my contact have power (-5.00) so I can see while I cosplay! Of course with contacts you need cases and solution. Which I have. :D I'll post a review on the contacts once they arrive.

Female Hygiene
Every girl's favorite topic! Bring some just in case. You may not have your lady issues but a friend might . Bring a few items so you aren't stuck with a unpleasant surprise.

Perfume cane be fun! Not only to help cover your scent if your deodorant fails, but you can pick a perfume that matches your character. Some characters will often say what their favorite flower is or color. Chose it off of that. I wear it just because I like to smell nice. Harajuku girls is my favorite!

When cosplaying you should be ready to be stopped and have your photo taken. You don't want to be washed out. Even if you are a guy, it's best to wear at least some foundation. You won't look so ghostly, in less you are suppose to.

(I'll skip medical products.)

Sewing Kit
A must for any cosplayer. Not only do accidents happen but it's also more than likely to happen. Being in a place with tons of thousands of people and wearing large oufits, even from running around to catch the next event. Fabric rips. So make sure you bring your own sewing kit in case your con doesn't have a repair station.

Safety pins,bobby pins,wig tape
If you are caught with a tear in your outfit and you left your sewing kit in the hotel room or car, or even if you don't have one. Safety pins come in handle, simple. Bobby pins and wig tape are for the wigs and wig caps. Last time my heavy wig fell off more than once and pissed me off. It put me in a very bad mood. So this year we're buying wig tape and strapping our wigs down. Bobby pins help keep the wig cap on as well the wig.

Glue Gun
Good for props and even ripped fabric.

Our convention hosts a masquerade ball. So I made masks that suit our characters, since our friends are going as their Pandora Hearts characters to the dance, they talked us along. So we'll go and take pictures.

I.D,bar code (I listed badge but Sakura-con doesn't ship badges.)
It's always smart to bring your I.D. Just in case. For Sakura, we are e-mailed a bar code. If we don't bring that, we don't get our badges. So this is a must.

Camera set
I love taking pictures! They're memories your able to capture and hold on to. This year I'm going to be brave and take lots!

Netbook/wireless mouse
For lounge time during the evenings I like to go online. I also might have to work on my novel, so it's for work too. As well a good place to store pictures.

For our four hour drive up and back. If I don't have music in the car I get carsick. So that means no DS or reading in moving cars for me. I've made a few CDs for us to listen to on our trip.

Pillow, non-white case
I use a special pillow to help support my neck because it's always hurting because of my TMJ. It's one of those airbead pillows and it's super comfortable. As a child I got hair lice a lot so I don't like to use other people's pillows even if they are clean and in a hotel room. So I bring my own. It's good if your bringing your own pillow to use a different pillow case. Just so the white pillows don't get mixed up. Even through my pillow is smaller than hotel pillows I'm putting on my Alice in Wonderland case just in case.

And so that's my list. Pretty big but it's not too surprising having to bring a lot to a con. Just keep in mind what's important and to bring things you can't buy in a store or replace. Good luck.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Rocking Horse Shoes

Are coming soon! I can't wait. I'll make sure I post a review before I'm off to Sakura-con. The shoes should be here any day. I'm hoping they'll be here today...but I highly doubt it. I'm guessing next week around my birthday.

My hubby bought me these for my twentieth birthday!

Photo belongs to Minkyshop.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

First novel

If you go online and research how to get your first novel published, you'll read over and over again that your first novel never sells. It's always the ones after. I find that bull shit. If you work hard enough and the novel is fresh and exciting you can get it published. Don't believe me..?

Think of Harry Potter.

That was J. K. Rowling first novel.

And it hit big. So don't believe that when you read your first novel can't and won't make it.

22 days Con talk (Birthday,Lolita, Drive, Packing, Health issues)

Holy crap. Time sure does pass quickly. It's already the 15th! I can't believe it! My birthday is in seven days! I'm so excited. I hate saying this but I'm very spoiled on my birthday. My mom can't resist buying me stuff on my birthday, even if she has already gotten me something. This year I am being very open minded to the fact they don't have much money so I'm only getting things I need. Meaning underwear! XD. The thing I'm most looking forward to is getting a waist clincher. For some weird reason I've always wanted one even through I'm losing weight and I have an hourglass shape torso. I wasn't going to get one but after looking at myself in my new lolita dress I decided I needed one just so I'm 100% comfortable being in it for hours on end.

Besides going shopping for under things, I'm hoping HOT TOPIC has this Hello Kitty bag that's on sale for 11$ It's shaped like an apple with a bear and Hello Kitty on it. So cute! I really need a new bag for when I wear my lolita dress to store things in. As well as when I'm cosplaying. Carrying around a HUGE Japanese schoolbag just was not doing it for me last year. It was heavy and hard to carry, plus I have a bad habit of stuffing bags full (especially when they are big)


SHOES! I just had to bring up this topic because I'm super excited. And it seems I also get shoes for my birthday! (Thank you Nico!) Anyway, My hubby (Nico) bought me a pair of rocking (Sorry about the pun) rocking horse shoes! I'm so excited. When I first started eying the lolita culture I fell in love with rocking horse shoes right away. Mainly because I was going through my goth phase (Yes, there will be blog post about my wacky childhood) Mine are black fake leather, ballerina style. That means the straps can go up to the knees. I didn't get the ones with ribbons simply because I had shoes with ribbons before that tied up to my knees and did not stay up and made me very annoyed. So I chose the leather strapped one that velcros in the back. I most likely will keep them around my ankles because things do not stay up on my legs.


The lolita dress I bought I'm not 100% happy with. Now that I've tried it on and worn it a few times (only in my room) And I see a lot of things that do not look good on my body type. I also am displeased with the fabric but it's good enough for a first time lolita buyer. I have a full outfit which I'm really happy about. This dress is what I'll be wearing on the drive over and the full day 0.

The outfit is built of....(No order)
1. Pink and white leggings (We Love Colors Review to come)
2.F+F bloomers
3. Rocking Horse Shoes
4.F+F Lolita JSK + matching bows(4)
5.Gothic Lolita Wig (Pink mixed with white)
6. F+F jacket (still haven't decided if it's going under or over dress)
7.Crown necklace
8.Classic white headdress (I added two fake flowers on it)

Drive over/Packing

I'm hoping to find pearl hair pins to clip the bangs of my wig back, because otherwise they get in my face. I have -5.00 eye sight and am very hard of seeing. I'll be wearing my pink cosplay contacts during the con but on day zero and the drive over I'll be wearing my big nerd glasses, It'll be too hard on my eyes if I wear contacts during the drive. My eyesight has been going down since I was in third grade and lately I've been having some issues caused by my TMJ (A jaw problem with the ball joint of the jaw bone) So I'll be stuck with glasses in less I want a bad headache.

The drive to Seattle from Gresham takes about 3 1/2-4 hours. That's a long time. We're planning to leave around ten (Nico says twelve but I'll be too excited) There is seriously nothing like the drive up to Seattle. I get so excited I have to listen to music in order to calm myself and to make sure I don't talk my hubby's ear off. We normally only have to stop once or twice to use the washroom and give Nic some time to rest. And our breaks are fairly short, so we should arrive around two or three. Which is good because we can't get into our hotel until three.

So far for our music, I have four CDs made. And about two or so more to make. Luckily we both like the same music so we don't have to fight over what we're listening to.

1. Miike Snow (Deluze Edition + The new song Paddling Out)
2. Ashburry Heights + remix album (Take Cair Paramour)
3. Panic! at the disco (Vices & Virtues)

CDs to make

1. Delphic (Acolyte)
2.Mix (Random songs) Might make two mix CDs

I was going to write about health issues and cons and how to deal/prepare with them but I decided to take the time and write a single post all about it. So that will be posted tomorrow. I'll also be adding some pictures and such to explain and show what I'm talking about. Since I doubt a lot of people know what TMJ is.

I also have a Review about We Love Colors tights coming up. I just need to take pictures of the product being worn before I post that. It might come out either tomorrow or some time later this week.

I'm still rewriting/getting new pictures of my wig for my upcoming review of Gothic Lolita Wigs. This review is positive. I really wish I had more money to buy another wig from them before the con but I don't. (Sad Face)

So that's just a little taste of what's to come this week. The week of Sakura-con I'll be doing a quick post each day explaining what we did, ect. But otherwise no large posts will come that week.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My last week as....

A teenager. Next week I'll be turning twenty. My early teens years started badly. I had moved, was depressed, self-mutilating myself, was bullied. I really didn't enjoy life until I started high school. I went a smaller high school with around 300 students. No, it wasn't a special high school, it was a normal public school that was smaller to avoid bulling and stuff like that. For students who wanted a smaller classroom size and teachers who take the time to get to know every student.

There were so many things I thought I would be doing by now. I'm sad to say none of them have come true yet. Turning twenty is not a good thing and I highly doubt I will be very happy on my birthday. Perhaps my hopes and dreams are so far out there I shouldn't have gotten myself so excited about them so quickly. I just wish I could have done more. I'm young I know. But already I feel helpless and useless.

The good news is I have lots of time to try, try, try. I won't give up. There isn't any reason to. Not yet anyway. I suppose putting on a fake smile now and again isn't so bad. At least I'm finally losing weight!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

26 Days

Oh my gosh. I remember when the timer on Sakura's site said 200. I'm super excited and am trying to keep myself busy. Focusing on eating right and losing weight helps as well as writing and goofing around with my hubby.

We made the final choice of making masks. This is such a good way to keep me busy for a few weeks. Both masks have been painted and I'm trying not to rush into making them. One thing a day.

I knew time would go fast (or at least seem like it is) after the tenth. Yesterday sped by so quickly. Before I know it will be the 21st then April 1st. Then the long awaited 5th. For now I'm trying my hardest to keep busy and focus on things that need to be done around the house and not the con. Even through I'm super pumped. I'm also really excited about going shopping on my birthday.

I really hope we have fun at Sakura. We're doing everything and anything we can. It helps we have friends to bug and awesome costumes to wear.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Multitasking- so much to do

There are only 29 days until Sakura-con. I'm overly excited. We'll be able to get away from all our stress and have four days of pure fun. We're also going with friends this time, so it'll be twice as fun. But I do have other things to do before I go and not just cosplay things.

I'm still trying to get Promise Me published. I haven't heard back from any of the query letters I've sent so I'll be sending out more over the week. I also still need to get my synopsis done and over with. Even though I'm nervous as hell about doing it.

I'm also working on another rewrite, Insomnium. So far I have very little written. I wanted to be done with it December first but I'm not so sure if I can do that. I'm planning on this novel being around 80k and no longer. So I may be able to do it if I get my butt in gear and write. It's hard to connect with the story and characters when I'm still thinking of my other novel.

My goal is to get into the twenties before I leave for Sakura in 29 days. I'm at 500 right now. Not sure if it's possible but I like challenges so we'll see. I may have to write during my down time at the con. But that's okay I suppose. I'm doing two things differently for this novel. One- I'm adding in an intro. Two- I'm switching character views every two chapters. I have done this before for the first few versions of Promise Me but changed it when I rewrote it. This time I'm going to make sure not to forget to add that in because most novels these days do not do that and I've read agents are always seeking that sort of thing.

Insomnium is a fantasy with numerous worlds and settings so it should keep me on my feet. I'm doing less romance and more mystery and horror. I really want to capture a certain feeling so I'm going a bit slower starting it than normal. Perhaps I have a bad case of writer's block. Not sure. Maybe I just need some extra strong coffee.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Con to do list

There is so much that goes into getting ready for a convention. Last time was the first time we dressed up (cosplayed) and we were rushed. So this time I'm getting everything ready a head of time. So this is my little to do list so I stay in line and orderly!


- Find tea cups for photo shoot
-Fix cane (dents and cracks) Plus repaint+varnish
-Fix Emily

-Buy contacts
-Sew lace on jabot
-Buy Break's boots
-Get bloomers (Hey, gotta be a lady, okay?)

-Wash and style Break's wig
-Trim Sharon's bangs
-Buy wig tape
-Buy wig spray

-Buy mouse foundation
-Buy professional stippling brush
-Buy eyeliner (lots of eyeliner...)
-Acrylic paint and Elmer's glue for colored eyebrows

- Buy garment bags
-Travel minis (stain remover, ect.)
-Food (stupid hotel has no microwave!)
-Plastic container to store paint for eyebrows in

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 32

Sakura-con 12

Sakura-con is on it's way! Thirty two days is not very long. I'm feeling very excited. For those who do not know what Sakura-con is, it is a anime/Japanese convention. People dress up as their favorite characters, have photo shoots, make awesome friends, buy Japanese goods and treats. People and bands from all over Asian come to preform. It's a wonderful thing to witness. It's not only anime/manga lovers haven but it's a cultural experience.

Guests from all over the world come to Sakura-con because it's one of the largest conventions held in the NorthWest. This year there are a lot of voice actors and three very cool bands/music artists coming. Last year I was able to see Berryz Kobo, which is a all girl group and it was very fun and exciting because it was my first concert. Totally worth the wait. The lights and fans, all excited and singing along with so much fun to see.

Last year I wasn't able to preform my first cosplay because of the site we ordered from was...well....slow at making our items and lied about the date they would arrive. Sadly we didn't get our items until a month later. But we got to wear them for the first time at Kumori-con. And this year will be our second time wearing our Pandora Hearts outfits.

I'll be going as Sharon. A duchess in the series Pandora Hearts. She's often seen with a character named Break who my hubby is going as. We decided early on in our new hobby that we would go as couples.

It's a rush. That's only way I can really explain it. Dressing up, getting all dolled up, doing make up, putting on wigs, playing the part. It's so much fun. I've always loved dressing up so this is right up my alley. Wigs piss me off. Sharon's is a high ponytail with is attached by a clip. It's heavy and often makes the wig fall off. I guess I have a small head because I kept having to tighten the wig. I later found out one of the inside hooks had broke. Hence why the wig kept coming unsnapped.

This year we're fixing that by buying a huge amount of wig tape. I bought a wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs and it too will need some wig tape.

My favorite thing about cosplaying (costume play) is taking group photo shoots and having people stop you in the halls, asking for your picture. It's so exciting and it gives me a great reason to talk to people I'm normally too shy to.

Most people who are interested in cosplay wonder how they can do it even though they don't have enough confidence. That's easy! Here are some tips.

1. Pick a character you like
Who cares about your height, weight or skin color. Cosplay the person you feel connected to. The character you instantly fall in love with.

2. Gender doesn't matter
Most girls go as guys. So what? If you pull it off right you'll look great! Just remember to bind your chest so you fit the character.

3. Keep to your comfort zone
I'm a big bigger. I have a big chest. I'm not going to waltz around wearing skin tight clothing or wear clothing that shows too much skin. Because I'm not comfortable doing so. It wasn't how I was raised and yes....I'm a prude. My skin is for me to see only. Are you now thinking "Oh hence the username." Yeah...

4. Cosplay with a friend or group
If you have a cosplay in mind but don't know anyone there are tons of people on con forums that are looking to meet up and hang out with other cosplayers of that anime/manga/video game/movie. If you have someone, like me I bring my hubby, have fun with it! Talk it over, get excited, run over poses.

5. Wear the costume for Halloween
Test run your outfit. Get used to it. I just bought a lolita (not cosplay) dress and I'm a bit nervous about wearing it since it's tighter than most of my clothing. I've been trying it on at night and wearing it for a few minutes. I'm feeling much better about wearing it now.

6. Plan ahead
Don't do spur of the moment cosplays. This might leave you uncomfortable and nervous about wearing what you have. plan, plan, plan. Some people plan their outfits year around.

7. Add personal touches
Make it you. Add your own little touches to make the character really pop. The larger the con you go to the higher chance people will be going as the same character. We're going all out this year. We're buying tea cups from Goodwell and are going to drink out of them during the con so we fit into our character's habits. It'll be fun sitting out in the park sipping our drinks in our teacups.

Like any other hobby, it takes time to get good. Our first con we were super nervous and rushed. When people stopped and asked for our pictures we didn't have any set poses and just stood there. It was awkward. This time we're really going as the characters. I'll no longer be Jessica, I'll be Sharon.

Cosplay can be great for so many things. For me I can open up, meet people that like the same things as me. Friends. My main goal this year is to make more friends. Last time we made two. And they are awesome people who we'll get to see during this con. We even got to go to the zoo with them. I'm really excited.

I'll update my thoughts/feelings on the con when the timer hits thirty.

Friday, March 2, 2012

CosplayHouse review-PH Break cane (Negative)


So A while back my hubby and I bought this cane for our Pandora Hearts cosplay. We (meaning I) always look through every option before buying cosplay items, so they are the best and cheapest. Sadly I did not look at reviews of this site before giving the OK to buy from this site. What we got was shit.

The order came very quickly, since it was shipped from CA and we're in OR. I don't remember the exact date we ordered or got the item since it's in my hubby's e-mails and I don't remember his pasword. We spent 68.94 +shipping for the Pandora Hearts Break cane/sword.

As you can see on the top picture (this is what is shown on their site) the cane looks lovely. It's well made and painted. The clasp (which is gold) is not painted on and can be unhooked to show the sword piece inside.

This is the piece of shit we got.Link
As you can see on the BEFORE the texture is NOTHING like the picture shown on the website. Yeah, that nice hook clasp that shuts the two pieces together? It was painted on. PAINTED. It wasn't even sanded! The cane is not made out of wood but some cheap material that not only dents easily but cracks and breaks just as easily.

I sanded it and repainted it with not only paint but a gloss varnish and then added on foam pieces for the clasps and it looked much better. BUT it barely held up for one con. It was dented (which we did not rough house, nor allow anyone else to touch it. It had no reason to dent it was treated as if glass) but it snapped in half. I glued it together and it was fine.

Now as I'm getting ready for another con, I was sanding parts down and giving it a new paint job. My dad used a poxy or something on the first crack and it shut together nicely since that stuff dries like glass. But it cracked for a third time tonight hence my poor language.


Communication - 2/5
We sent them e-mails asking about why the product was such crap and we got a very poor excuse. They basically told use what was written under the product description on their site. (I'll update this later after I reread the e-mails)

Shipping - 4/5
Normal shipping. Could have been faster.

Product Quality - 1/5
Piece of shit. Not worth the money.

Would I buy from CosplayHouse again?

No. I wouldn't tell anyone to buy their props from them. EVER. They need to take pictures of the REAL products instead of nice items they don't give you. If you want something really nice, make it yourself. This site is not for you. There is girl on DA who makes Break canes and sells them for around the same price. Go research her, her props are so much better and are made out of wood.

Second guessing

Second guessing yourself, your goals, your work is going to happen. I do this a lot when I don't outline the story before hand. Which I chose not to for my latest project, Insomnium (This means nightmare in Latin) Any who. So I had changed the world of Inso from modern day to Victorian Era and now after writing up a few chapters I'm growing bored.

So since I can't inspire myself enough to keep up with the Victorian era I'm going back to modern. It'll different from before seeing as I am still changing the main character from male to female. I'm writing up a short paragraph for my beta reader to look over and decide which is better. So we'll see how that goes later.

I'm almost 100% sure I'm going to change it to modern day. More teen readers are interested in Modern day any who. So perhaps my reader range will be larger by making this slight change. I'm firm on a plot now so I'm really wanting to move forward. It just wasn't sticking. I didn't feel the way I do about my other characters from my first novel, Promise Me. So I hope this change will work out for the better.

I'll be doing another review later this week.