Thursday, December 26, 2013

The final run.

I am almost done. Tomorrow will be the day. I'm sure of it now as I write down the final layout for the novel's ending chapters. It's hard to explain the emotions that I feel as they are mixed. I am so happy with this novel. It's refreshing for me knowing I could finish a novel after that long period of time where I could not focus on one novel. I jumped from idea to idea and found myself stuck, craving to finish the novel but wound up rushing it too much. Now I have a good pace, found my voice and am once more enjoying writing. I've put a lot into this novel. And I hope it shows.

I may be finishing the novel but I am not done. 

You see this is only the start.

There is still much to do before I can start sending out query letters. Such as writing the query letter as well as a long and short synopsis. Then we have editing and revising. Although I'm not too worried about editing or revising as I've been taking notes about mistakes and scenes that should be added. So that will not take me long. I will edit three, maybe even five times. It all matters if I or my second pair of eyes find any mistakes after the first few edits. The query letter I need to start working on now since I know how the novel is ending now. As well as the synopsis. As both are important and wind up taking a lot more editing sessions than the novel winds up taking. 

Once that is finished my journey really starts.

I can start picking out agencies, researching the agents and finding out what they are seeking and if I may fit that match. During this period I like to do a ton of research. That means reading interviews, their websites and blogs if they have them as well as read a few of the authors' books they've published. I like to be educated on the agents before hand. 

There are many things that could come of this journey and I can only hope for the best. I've learned a lot from writing this novel. I've put time, love, tears, and all those crazy emotions I get from drinking way too many cups of coffee during the late evening well into the early morning. 

I have an idea for my next novel. But have not yet began the out lining process as I don't want to pull any attention away from my novel right now until it's finished and query letters have been sent. That way all my attention can be given to the next novel. 

Thank you for reading. There are so many thoughts rushing around in my mind right now I feel drained. I need to go write and finish this chapter so I can work solely on the last chapter tomorrow. Wish me luck. It'll be an emotional roller coaster as this novel comes to a close. I can't wait.


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