Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Two chapters to go

My novel is almost finished. I did want to be done by the second week of December but I had become too busy (and distracted.) to finish. But I am in first of the last three chapters of the book. It's going great! I'm still finding myself interested in the characters, plot and setting. I want to write. I'll be playing my 3DS and will have to set it down to write because the urge to write, the inspiration is so strong I can't help myself. I'm feeling very good about this project. It's growing and blossoming as I go on.  Even when I'm sewing all I can think about is "what should I do next?" with the novel. I'm loving it.

I am doing the final out lining for the last few chapters once I am finished with the chapter I am on. There will be a total of eleven chapters. That may not seem like a lot but these chapters are long. I sort of forgot about chapters when I first started because I was so excited to write the novel. So I made them very long. Which is okay. Novels don't need a lot of chapters. It's more about the plot, setting and characters. My fiance is making a cover for the novel since I get two free copies of my novel (once its finished and edited of course!) from completing NaNoWriMo. I'm giving one copy to him and keeping one for myself. I love getting proofs because they are great to use for editing.

I normally use my Kindle to edit since I easily overlooked mistakes while reading the word doc on my computer and it works pretty well but it's much easier reading it on paper than on a screen. So I'm pretty pumped about seeing what he comes up with. So far he's said his idea is of a room belonging to the main character, showing a window with a white butterfly outside the window. It's one of the scenes in the novel when the "villain" is first introduced.

I will be finished by the end of the month. Which doesn't give me much time to edit before the contest in Jaunray but I'm okay with that. It'll make me work harder. Editing is pretty easy, not as hard as writing the novel. But there is some revising I'd like to do so hopefully I have enough time.

That's it for now I have a ton to do today! Thanks for reading!


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