Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Long time no post

Been such a long time. Or least it feels like that. I really need to start writing more posts here whether they are about writing or books or writing books or whatever. This blog needs more love. I've been so busy with cosplay and my cosplay blog and my cosplay FaceBook page that I haven't updated in a while. There is about eight or so days until National Novel Writing Month starts. That means I am getting my butt in gear to finish writing my synopsis and hurry up and figure out if I'm writing From Afar in third person or first.

I was going to write it in third but ever since my third person file had some how managed to vanish off my computer (Replacing itself with a first person copy.) I haven't been able to get into re-writing it in third person. I may just write it in first. I guess it doesn't really matter. I did read that interview by a very well known agent, that I admire greatly, that he'd love to see more third person novels but I'm not feeling it. And I'm afraid I won't be able to keep up for NaNo.

I'm going to test out the waters by writing a scene in first person tomorrow and see how that goes. If I wind up writing it well enough and have a good word count aka I'm in my writing zone then I will keep it going and stick to first person. I have heard first person is easier to write. I have high hopes for this novel. Stronger than any of the other ones I've written. I have NEVER read a novel that focuses on this topic or creature. Its so emotional with a cast of diverse characters that is about family and friendship, finding light within a dark situation. I have most of the novel out lined....within my head. I need to write it out. To map it out so I won't find myself lost at any point.

My out lining will be simple. So it won't take too much time up. Tomorrow as I said will be my test period. Hopefully things go well. Its amazing how far I've come. I'm finding myself more and more inspired each and every day. I want to improve and climb and never stop until my books are in bookstores. Beside being apart of my favorite agency or touring with my favorite author, I think it would be amazing to do a reading and signing at Powells. Powells is amazing bookstore in Portland Oregon. The largest bookstore on the West coast.  Its called the City of books. It's breath taking. And I think my goal for right now (I don't want to get ahead of myself now. You gotta start small.) Focusing on this will be my inspiration to try my hardest with this novel.

I hope your ready Klaus, we're going to be best friend after this. It's going to be long journey but as long I believe in myself and keep improving I can reach out and grab hold of my dream. It'll take a while and will be a hard road ahead of me but I've faced many challenges in the twenty one years I've been alive. I can handle one more.

I feel like I always end my blog posts the same. But I have a cold and really want to go play some Don't Starve so for now this post will end here. I will be paying more attention to this blog as NaNoWriMo starts. I think I'll do a daily blog with my thoughts, feelings, fears, ect. I will leave with showing you the simple cover I made for NaNo as well as a link to my profile so you can friend me.

Thanks for reading!



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