Thursday, February 9, 2012

Write, write, write

I'm REALLY feeling this new project of mine. When I first started writing Inso (Insomnium) it was about a boy who was searching for his missing mother as strange events happen and his nightmares come true. But now it's about a Victorian orphan who had been adopted into a doctor's family and is kept hidden from the public because of her odd beauty. Her nightmares keep her awake and as her sixteen birthday approaches her nightmares start taking over her reality and she finds everyone she thought she could trust are slowly turning against her, leaving her no choice but to start digging into her past and find her birth parents.

Sounds pretty normal, right?


I'm not going to give away much more as of right now, because I don't like to ruin surprises and if it does get published I don't want readers finding this blog and reading up on the plot. So secrets will stay secret right now. But I will give out hints such as I just did.


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