Sunday, February 26, 2012

Reviews to come!

I just got an e-mail telling me my FanPlusFriend items has just arrived in San Francisco!!! I'm super excited and am hoping my package is on a airplane instead of by car, otherwise it could take up to a week to get to me.

I ordered three items, two for my birthday/ down time at Sakura-con and a pair of bloomers to wear under my cosplay gown. Since everything was on sale for the Chinese new year. I had been wanting the JSK I ordered for a long time now. I guess you could call it my dream dress.

I ordered....




I got everything under 200 dollars so I was very pleased. I sold extra books and video games to get the money and am glad I did so. I'm really excited about seeing my products. I have heard F+F is a hit or miss site but all there items seem to be nicely made. So I'm not too worried. I'm more worried about the fit.

If everything is A-ok when I get the package I'll finally do my review on them as well as my review on my Gothic Lolita Wig. I'm planning on doing a video review but I'm very shy so we'll see if I get brave enough. I also need to get a free video editing program.

Reviews are just for fun and to help other people who want to buy from that site/s. So we'll see how everything goes.

I better get back to sewing my petticoat since I might be getting my dress tomorrow.


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