Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Is the day! I just looked at the clock on my computer and realized today was the 22nd. There is no more waiting. I'll be getting up around seven and as I said before, hopefully I can download the list on my Kindle. If I make it I might stay up and if not, oh well.

My feelings are mixed. I can't say I'm nervous. It hasn't really hit me that it's tomorrow.

I'm keeping myself busy by writing and outlining. And of course working on that horrid synopsis. It helps a lot to keep my mind off the contest. I'm glad I chose to start on my synopsis last night so if I don't make it at least I have something to keep my mind off that fact and my mind set on the goal of hooking an agent. After all finding an agent is my main goal. I would love to win the contest but I'm very unlucky. So I can't say that I know I'll win or anything. I can't see into the future. So I have to wait and try my best at writing my synopsis while I wait.


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