Friday, February 3, 2012

Breakthrough novel contest- General Fiction=closed

Yes that is correct. The general fiction is now closed. Meaning they have 5,000 entries. Good to luck to all of those who had entered in that category. The YA section (my category) has yet to close meaning it will stay open until February 5th or until they reach 5,000 too. I'm hoping they don't reach 5,000. That would give me less to worry about.

I'm REALLY glad they cut it to only 10,000 novel entries, which means 5,000 for each. On the 23rd we find out about who's moving on, only 2,000 will go on. A lot less than last year. I'll feel very good about my work if I make it to the next round and am one of those 2,000.

I may not have an army behind me, supporting me, but at least I have the drive.

Good luck to those who had entered.

Time to go find some agents and start on my latest novel.


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