Monday, February 27, 2012

FanPlusFriend Review- Pt. one

So I bought these items for my birthday present and to wear to a convention that's coming up. The dress I've been eying for years now and I finally got enough money to buy it for myself. So I went ahead and used the new years sale to my advantage and bought three items. A dress, jacket and much needed bloomers for my cosplay.

I'm REALLY bad at waiting for packages that I order online and to my horror it said I might have to wait 4-8 weeks to get my stuff. Luckily it only took three. Right on the third day they shipped it. I was really surprised they could ship it so quickly. It surprised me even more when it only took three days to get to me.

I got the package at 11:00 but wasn't awake to get it so I woke up to find my dad had placed it on my desk. I was so excited I took it into my room and looked everything over before trying everything on. I order size 95(42in/107cm) for the JSK, 90 (Bust:94-106cm/37-42in) for the jacket and 90(Waist:78-102cm/ 31-40in) for the bloomers. Everything was a size up, just in case. And everything fits very nicely, so I'm glad I did that with the sizes.

There are no loose threads, stains, pen marks or anything on the items I bought. There is a slight smell but it's not bad and is most likely from the factory. So it doesn't bother me. The fabric used on all the items is soft and nice and will be good for spring and summer.

I haven't taken any pictures of me wearing the items but will do so tonight.

Order Date-
Ship Date-2/24/12
Date received-2/21/12

Items ordered:
Sweet Lolita Detachable Bowknots Dress/JSK

Classical Lolita Victorian Puffy Sleeves Cardigan

Gothic Lolita: Basic Long Cotton Bloomers

Prices (New years discount applied)
Shipping- 30.00 (Not bad for three items.)

Came neatly packed inside a well sized bag. It's a bit dirty but I'm not surprised.

Neatly packed!

My JSK! The pink is a lot lighter than it should have been but I'm pleased with it overall.

See? It's a darker pink. The lace on the bottom is also wrong.

The color is odd but it'll work. The pockets made me so happy because I HAVE to have chapstick with me at all times. I'm a bit addicted to it. So I was very happy that they were real pockets.

The lace is not what was shown and this made me very disappointed because the lace was very lovely as shown on their site. But it won't stop me from wearing the dress. I might buy some lace and add it on myself later. As you can see the dress is lined. It's very soft and nice.
This is what they showed. The lace is cream and pointed. Looks heavy and hangs out from the bottom. It does not do this is real life. Even with a monster petticoat underneath.

The lace is not pointed but round and plain. But is very soft and not rough or cheap. So I'm alright with it. No one will be able to see the lace but I suppose it's okay. I'm just glad it's lined.
The bodice is lined in pretty flower lace. I can also remove the ribbon on the front which makes me happy because it looks odd to me.
The front of the bodice

Close up of the top. Lined with soft lace, nothing is itchy. The bows are all removable and are made nicely, no cheap safety pins. Came with two large bows, two smaller bows.

The back. It has another corset with a heavier fabric string. And a belt.

Overall score on JSK- 4/5
*Color was different
* Lace was different

Continued in part two.


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