Saturday, February 18, 2012


Since I'm feeling much, much better today and I've been looking at my Manuscript, I finally decided to go over doubt. Since any aspiring author will most likely encounter doubt while trying to get published. I've been reading my Children's writer's & illustrator's market book and am realizing most authors encounter the horrible feeling of doubting their work.

I've noticed I doubt my work right after I've edited and nit-picked through it. I wind up editing and editing then not read through my material for a few weeks. And when I look back through all my work, I realized why am I panicking? This is good. A lot better then what I had started out as. Why am I'm doubting myself? Putting myself in a runt so deep I'm too afraid to send out any query letters.

I also re-read my query letter and found myself even more interested in it than when I first wrote it.

So why worry?

It's natural. I want to show the world that I can do something amazing. That I can inspire and offer a place to hide for readers. And not even doubt can stop me from doing that. To get over doubt and anxiety here are some tips I use in order to sweep away all those nasty feelings.

1. Re-read on another device
This really helps you see your work in another way. By staring at the computer all day you can easily overlook mistakes. What I use is my Kindle Fire. Since it has the neat little option of e-mailing your doc files to the Kindle. It gives me a closer look at what I wrote and I easily can find mistakes. But if you don't have a Kindle there is always the easy method of printing off your work (chapter by chapter so there will be less ink wasted) and so you can write all over it. Or allow someone you trust to read it.

2. Clear your mind
Leave your MS alone for a few weeks. Focus on research agents or do something fun. This gives you a clear view of your work when you return to it.

3. Get inspired
Ever get so inspired you get all bouncy and can't sit still? I sure do. Reading your role model's novel, blog or stalking their website/ interviews can really help clear up that doubt! Most authors have doubted themselves and their work! It's natural. So go search up some interview by your favorite authors and relax.

4. Work on something new
Start on a new project. This can help get your mind off past mistakes and can help you get better at writing. Perhaps you should start a blog about your feelings or on your work. Like I did. It helps get out your thoughts that you can't tell others.

5. Start on your query/synopsis
This can help you stick close to your work without having to look at it. If your waiting a while in order to calm down or maybe to get a fresh look at your work, start on your query and synopsis. These are both needed for getting published so why not do them? It's like doing homework. You may not want to but it can help you get a good grade! Instead it will help you get published and hook an agent! So get to it.

6. Make a day out of it
Chose one day a week and make that your editing day. Where all you do is edit. Tune everyone out. Listen to music playlists. Inspire yourself so that your ready to face your work head on. Stock up on coffee or tea and relax. Writing can be one of the best ways to get your mind off of more serious topics.

7. Never give up

Because if you do how will you know you could have been great? Why give up if you haven't tried hard enough? Never give up. Sure your first novel may not be published. But that doesn't mean your second won't be. Think of the future. What will happen when you get that e-mail of an agent asking for your full MS. Joy, happiness, excitement, freedom. Just do it. Don't give up. If one door shuts, kick down another. Don't let go of your work. Back it up like you would to a friend. Don't parent it. Let it shine for it's self.

You can do anything you put your mind to. But only you can make your dreams come true.


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