Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I have a lot flouting around in my head. Right now I'm so on edge I can't sit still. I'm trying to find things to do and stop thinking about the things I'm waiting for. Art is helping. But my lack of supplies is not. I'm looking forward to the contest.

But I'm realizing I am not standing behind my work 100%. I'm rethinking things, over-thinking everything and not giving it my all. If I want this project published and my name out there, I have to step it up. I will never get any where if I don't back up my project. I've read over and over not to baby it. Instead I've backed away from it. That's not good. I suppose I need to find a good middle ground.

Tomorrow I will be busy as it's one of three days that my hubby has off but as soon as Thursday comes around I am going to become a strict writing machine. I'll start out with finding and doing research on at least three agents. I'll track down their authors, see what they want and like and see if my project fits into that. Then after a search I'll re-read my query letter and see if I'm happy with it. Since it's been a while since I read it. If I find it's lacking I'll edit it. Then ship it out to those three agents.

After that I need to start on my synopsis. I have an agent I REALLY want to send a letter to, but since I want to be his client so badly (because he reps so many GREAT authors, all of whom I admire) I want to give him my best and make him want to read my MS. So I'll take my time on writing up this synopsis. Since I'm super connected with my characters and the plot I think I'll be okay with this. I just need to sit down, put on some music, tune out everyone and focus on what I'm writing.

I want to inspire. To be a role model for teens. I have to start small and slowly rise up. I CAN do it. I just need to have faith in myself and my work. I'm writing my newest project, a rewrite of an old novel and am noticing just how much I've evolved since I finished writing Promise Me. It's insane. I read the first version of PM and am shocked how poorly written it was! I'm so proud of myself even if I'm the only one who is.

I may not have an army behind me, but I truly believe I can do this. After all you are the only one who can make your dream come true. So get off your behind and work, work, work. Because only hard workers get far in life. I've learned that. I finally feel that if I put 100% into this I will get published. So if anyone reads this, please do your best as well. Never give up and keep doing what you love. Don't follow trends, write from your soul. Use your dreams and never, ever, ever, ever give up.

Otherwise your dream will never come true.

So let everything holding you back go,

Free to fly away.

And do your best.


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