Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Up-coming event, name change

Are you ready for National Novel Writing Month?

Well if that answer is no, don't worry you still have one month left before NANOWRIMO. So take a deep breath and relax. You still have time for plotting, out lining and getting those novels ready to be written! Whether you are writing your first novel or sixth, this event is for everyone. They just updated the site for 2012 and it seems there will be some new updates and add ons. I'm excited to see just what they've added. This will be my third year entering NANOWRIMO. Although I am already working on a novel (The same one I'll be entering) I can't wait to meet new people and maybe (hopefully) make some new friends!

I'll be entering The Unnaturals since I am already working on it and I learned from last year working on two different projects doesn't work for me. Although if you are planning to do that, I say go for it. Make sure you give yourself a break so you can switch into the second project smoothly.

So make sure you have your coffee stock restocked, your mugs shined and washed and your playlists created. Once you start NANOWRIMO you'll be hooked. The people are friendly and supportive and the words just seem to flow when you use the helpful tracker. So give it a try and make sure you friend me.

My username is VictorianMess just like on here. I use that username on all sites I go on so if you see me, don't be afraid to add me!

I'm currently working on writing up my short synopsis for the event. But I'm also thinking of renaming the novel. Just to give it more of an edge.

The Unnaturals is what I call it now. But now I'm thinking of these options. If anyone thinks one is better than the other please tell me.

  • The Unnaturals
  • The Unnaturals: Calling all monsters
  • Isadora's Rules


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