Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hard times

Things are going to get hard for my family (not going to list the reason why.) instead of being a brat and being disappointed about not getting x-mas gifts or about the lack of heat or food, I'm going to use this to push me towards getting a job and working to get my novel finished. It's been a hard couple of weeks for me but I can't allow myself to stop and focus on what is going wrong. I've been down that road before and only heart heart came from it. Plus everyone is healthy (No cancer or serious issues that can't be helped with meds). I now see x-mas as a day to sit in front of the fire place and drink some coffee watching the flickering lights cast by the fire. Simple things are fine with me. My dad grew up with very little. I want to be tough like him. I'm going to stay strong. Money, items, gifts, I really don't care about any of it. Things will be tough I won't lie but they could be worse. I'm going to work hard on finding a job. Call up hiring managers, ask questions, visit the job guy for new tips and leads, apply for as many jobs as I can each week. Besides that I'm going to work on my novel. Push myself to stop being lazy and get the sucker done with. If I got published I could not only help push my life forward (And my dream would come true) but I could help out a lot more at home while I still live here. There is a lot to be done. It's going to be a long and cold winter but hey, I don't like when it's too hot and at least the evil stove wont be turned on downstairs. I can manage. I'm going to start by working on my novel during the evenings and working on job hunting during the day. Maybe I'll be lucky and find myself a job soon.


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