Saturday, October 20, 2012

A fresh start

It's a new beginning for me. All the stress has washed away (For the most part) For the first time in a while I'm able to smile at nothing. I wont go into details to protect names and such but I finally spoke my mind on a matter that has long bothered me and during that conversation a friend from high school asked me if I was okay and her kindness made me realize I do have friends that care. While she helped me and we will be helping each other with our Sakura-con projects, we invited her to stay with us during the con. I'm really excited because she is a lot like me. Plus our interests are very similar. I'm finally excited about this. It's like someone had pushed open one window and let in some fresh air. I feel ready to take off down this path and keep my eyes on the prize. No more stress, no more drama. I feel great now.

After a fuss you think I would feel stressed, unable to focus but I feel the opposite. I'm ready to face more fears and prove to myself I can do what I what. Feeling refreshed I'm more motivated than ever to reach towards my dreams and complete my goals. First off, I'm going to focus on getting myself a part time or full time job. I'm pretty close, I just need to call about my apps. Hopefully by sticking my neck out there I can hook myself a interview. Once I have a job I can really have a lot of fun. That means my fiance and I can get married and start our lives as a family. Besides that I can focus more on cosplay and creating the pieces I have in mind and planned for our next con. Life will be so much better. And that stress will go away on it's own.

For now I am going to focus on writing. Getting my novel up to date, finishing the short synopsis for National Novel Writing Month and out lining the chapters in my sparkly new journal dedicated for this novel I'm working on. If you are having a hard time too, just try to surround yourself with what matters, what makes you smile. Whether it's a pet or a close friend. Keep your head up because things can get better! Don't back down.


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