Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Writing with dyslexia- A quick rant

I had four days where I was unable to write the novel I am working on now and let me tell you my dyslexia has gotten out of control. I grew up with numerous learning disabilities, such as having issues with math, remembering numbers and doing math inside my head. When I was young I also had issues with writing, believe it or not. But I grew out of that. I didn't really have confirmed dyslexia until my senior year. It wasn't too surprising for me since both my parents show signs of having it as well.

Now dyslexia is not something is life threatening. With some practice it can be easily managed. It's not like depression or anxiety (Yup, got that too.) It can be frustrating and annoying and can't be treated with a pill or go away for ever. 

The fun thing is I started writing this as a rant to express my frustration with it since I hadn't written in a while but now I see what I'm writing and it's turning positive. I don't want people to think having something like dyslexia can ruin or prevent you from having a career as an author. After all haven't you heard that really smart people can have dyslexia? Think of it has a gift. This way we can work harder, push our selves farther than those who are given things or try the very minimum. 

So instead of ranting I'm going to post this and say...

Keeping pushing yourself. Maybe you have something that gets in your way but don't let that stop you or even slow you down. Keep your dream alive. You really are the only person (Besides the evil computers that randomly like to crash) to keep you from achieving your dream. Keep your head up. Have a folder of inspirational things (Quotes, pictures, ect.)  Keep your favorite books nearby. Do what you need to do in order to keep yourself going. I'm trying to do this too. It's one step at a time. Go at your own speed. 


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