Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Update and out-lining.

Sad news today. All recovered files of my novel turned out to be corrupted so I have to rewrite the ending of chapter one as well as chapter two. But I'm trying to stay positive and turning my focus on to working towards making what has been lost even better than before.  For now I am saving my work every time I am finished for the day. No computer will ruin my writing again! XD

So right now I am out-lining the important events for each chapter. Since I feel so behind I needed a way to organize all my thoughts. It's really helping me remember what I had written in the lost chapter and what I wanted to write in the next.

I'm not doing anything over the top or fancy.


Chapter One- (Name)    ((I like to name my chapters))

Main events



Pretty simple right? I hate writing huge paragraphs for out-lining. I always get lost and write too many little details that I always wind up changing anyway. So keeping it short and simple helps me remember what I need to write (I always like to switch of the amount of main events) and this way I can out-line numerous chapters in just a few hours and can start writing the next day.

I'll be keeping more updates as I go on. I won't start rewriting until tomorrow so my mind is fresh. 


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