Saturday, September 29, 2012

Misspelled words and what is to come.

Every author misspells words when writing. It's bound to happen. But what I am going to do in order to keep these word grounded in my mind, by sharing them all with you of course! Every week, once a week I'll gather a list of my misspelled words and write them down. Perhaps you'll do the same so you can remind yourself on which ones need to be remembered and spell correctly. Sort of like what they might have done with you while in grade or middle school.

(Please note I DO have dyslexia.)

I'll be posting just the word spelled correctly because of the noted issue above sometimes I type too fast and the word gets switched or because of the issues above. So I'll only list the correct form.

Oh goodness I have been busy. Not only with picking out a novel plot to write and be serious about learning how to improve my writing but I've been having health issues again. I have some pretty bad issues with getting bad migraines that don't go away with normal over the counter meds. I don't see my neurologist until Nov. and the meds he gave me to try did not work last night so I've been very sickly today trying to get over the affects of having a really bad migraine. It leaves you feeling very weak and shaky and almost to the point that you feel like puking so the last few days I've been busy trying to take care of my health.

But I'm feeling a bit better so I'm going to focus on this blog now. As promised I have book reviews in store, manga reviews (Will be posted on my cosplay blog, link will be proved when issued. Which will most likely be the same day as a book review.)

And a few other things, such as favorite authors, playlists, and such.

Time to go write!!


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