Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chapter two and the dying mouse

For those who don't know or didn't read my last few posts, I lost my updated novel file because my hard drive crashed. I do have the first chapter or most of it. So I am starting the work of finishing the end of the first chapter and start the second chapter again. I'm really going to try my hardest to make it much better than it had been before so in the end it was worth losing the work.

In other news my computer mouse is dying! Goodness....I hadn't had it that long. Two-three years. A computer mouse should last way longer than that. The left clicker is all out of whack. It sucks and makes writing tricky. I've been scanning the web for a new mouse and I just so happened to find one of my latest love...


Cute, huh? I've fallen in love with San-X. Which makes me wonder why did it take so long when I go to a lot of cons and see San-X stuff almost every time. But I adore the little bear and his friends and was so happy when I found out this....

Since it's fairly priced (28USD) the same price as the mouse I have I think I'll (Hopefully) get this one! I also got my hubby to say yes to someday buying the bedding set! Of course I told him I'd let him have Star wars sheets. (Yeah right!) XD

Hopefully my mouse stays strong few a little bit longer!


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