Friday, October 26, 2012

Good things to come

Do you remember my last post? Talking about how I am going to try harder to find a job? I had my very first interview! I went out to see Silent Hill with my fiance, a movie I have been wanting to see for a while. When we got home my mom came rushing out screaming "The art store just called! She really wants to interview you. TONIGHT " I am so happy I had put in that app the other day. I called her back and she set up a interview with me that night. We drove over and it only took five minutes. It happened so quickly!She was so kind and eager learn about me. In the end it seems I'll be part time in sales. What is better than getting a part-time job at a art store! I feel so happy. My family is so happy even my brother who normally could care less about me. I just feel so over joyed. Finally things are turning around. I can start planning my life and learn new things, work hard and spoil my parents. 

They are doing the background check on me right now and after that I'll be called and we'll set up a time for me to start working. She said it'll be the Sunday after this Sunday. This is so wonderful I truly cannot wait. Once it is confirmed and I've been officially hired I can announce my wedding date! My fiance and I talked it over a bit in the car on the way there and we're pretty firm on it being on the date with first started going out (April 27th) it'll be our seventh year together. 

This way it'll give us time to save up for the wedding and save up for an apartment too. Although now I'm going to have wedding on the brain. I can't wait! So many things have been going wrong and now having all this wonderful's like a dream. 


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