Sunday, October 7, 2012

So empty...

My computer is depressing. It's so empty and dreary. But I'm slowly bringing it back to life. I have a new wallpaper so it has some personality to it again. I'm starting on finding some of my more important bookmarks and saving them. I think I will get a small notebook and write down sites for now on just in case this happens again. I really don't trust this computer right now.

Since I cannot write my novel right now (My fiance is trying to recover the missing part) so I am focusing on filling out a character profile so I can work on the fine details of my two main characters. I'm going to need a lot to do in order to keep me sane so I'm going to be...

  • Working on Character profiles
  • Out-lining.
  • Bring one of my Fanfics back to life
  • Finally write up my first book review (The template was lost.)
  • Inspiration 

So expect a lot happening on this blog in the next few weeks.


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