Saturday, October 6, 2012

The bad and the good.

My computer's hard drive had crashed. I lost EVERYTHING. I had saved my novels on my USB but all my new work on The Unnaturals has been lost. There is a slim chance I can get back all the work I've lost and my fiance is sure he can find it but I'm very doubtful I'll be able to get it back. While the loss of all my pictures and bookmarks is a very upsetting I am glad I have my finished novel saved and the novel I'm working on partly saved. At this way I don't have to start over from scratch.

On a more positive side I just got Scrivener which is a program for creative writers. It looked awesome, filled with templates and all sorts of stuff to help you stay organized. I have yet to use it since it was just installed onto my very bare computer but I will be sure to post a little review of it later on.

Hopefully I get back my full file of my novel and I can start writing again.


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