Saturday, March 24, 2012


How do I always manage to hurt myself right before a con? Last time I got a huge cut across my foot and was wobbling in pain most of the con. This time I got scratched across my nose and cheek by my dear cat, whom disliked the fact I was playing in her cardboard box. It's healing okay. It's getting kind of gross through, starting to pus and such. But I suppose that's a good sign my white blood cells are working hard to fix it. I just hope it doesn't scar since I scar very easily, thank you overly pale skin. I'm not sure if I'm more worried about the redness or the fact it might scar. Especially since we're doing a private photo shoot this year...

That's what make-up is for I suppose. I wouldn't normally put make-up on healing wounds because I'm guessing that would burn like heal, but I'm pretty sure it'll be closed by the con. At least I hope so. Geez what a boring blog post....

That's okay because tomorrow (I'm seeing Hunger Games!!!) I'll be doing a review for

Honeycolor sells awesome circle lenses. We bought two different pairs for our cosplay and I'm so impressed by what we got I'll make sure I do a review about them. I'll also be doing some quick and short (fun!) reviews on some make-up products I got for my birthday. Since make-up reviews are always good to have, especially if you're looking to buy something good for a cheap price.

There are only 12 days until the con. Sadly it looks like I will not be getting my lovely rocking horse shoes. I'm keeping track of all the e-mails so I can review them once I do get them. My hubby says there is still a chance of getting them before the con....but I'm pretty darn sure if they do ship by that week it'll come the day after we leave. Knowing my luck. It's very bad. But I had planned around this. I'll be wearing my sweet lolita (pink and white, that's my color theme) Anna House shoes. I hate them because they scruff easily and are too big but I fixed that by stuffing in extra fabric I had laying around. I'll just have to take them off when I'm walking to and from the hotel.


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