Sunday, March 11, 2012

26 Days

Oh my gosh. I remember when the timer on Sakura's site said 200. I'm super excited and am trying to keep myself busy. Focusing on eating right and losing weight helps as well as writing and goofing around with my hubby.

We made the final choice of making masks. This is such a good way to keep me busy for a few weeks. Both masks have been painted and I'm trying not to rush into making them. One thing a day.

I knew time would go fast (or at least seem like it is) after the tenth. Yesterday sped by so quickly. Before I know it will be the 21st then April 1st. Then the long awaited 5th. For now I'm trying my hardest to keep busy and focus on things that need to be done around the house and not the con. Even through I'm super pumped. I'm also really excited about going shopping on my birthday.

I really hope we have fun at Sakura. We're doing everything and anything we can. It helps we have friends to bug and awesome costumes to wear.


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