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Con check list

Oh no! You have a huge convention coming up in a few weeks and you have spent all your time working hard on getting those costumes and props finished and photo ready for the con. What are you going pack? What if you forget something important? Something you can't buy at a store?

The best thing to do is calm down and think about what you really need to pack. It's better to do this not too early and not too late, I.e the day before the con. I've learned the hard way about packing. You see A year ago, Sakura-con was my first convention. So of course I went crazy and packed things I didn't even use. So this year I'm making a check list. For those who are rushing to figure out just what they need and what they don't here is an example, my check list for Sakura-con 2012!!

After each category I'll explain why I'm bring these items and why it's important to.


  • Costumes (Sharon's gown plus accessories)
  • Wigs (Sharon+Break+GothicLolitaWig)
  • Shoes (Sharon's,RH/lolita,Flats)
  • Casual Clothing
  • Coat,sweatshirt
  • Lolita dress (Plus removable bows)
  • Bloomers, Petticoat, Leggings(3 pairs), socks.
  • Undergarments
  • PJs

Personal Hygiene
  • Toothpaste,brush, floss
  • Mini shampoo and conditioner
  • Q-tips
  • Hair brush, wig brush, soft bristled brush
  • Deodorant
  • Cosplay contacts, cases, solution
  • Female Hygiene products
  • Body wash
  • Shaving creme,razor
  • Purfume
  • Make-up
Medical Products
  • Mouth guard
  • Tums
  • Aspirin
  • Bands aids
  • Neosporin
  • Iron pills
  • Small first aid kit
  • Sewing kit
  • Safety pins, bobby pins, wig tape
  • Glue gun
  • Masks
  • I.D
  • Badge, print out bar code
  • Camera set (case,batteries, cord,memory cards)
  • Netbook, wireless mouse
  • CDs
  • Pillow, non-white case


'Nuff said. (Cosplay=costume play)

Another needed item in cosplaying

No use explaining this one. My RH (rocking horse) shoes have yet to arrive and are supposed to soon so in case they don't ship in time (Which it seems it'll be cutting it close) I'll just wear my Anna House lolita shoes. I'm glad I have them for back up. The flats are the type that they show on TV that fold away. Nothing expensive, just something to wear while I'm walking to and foe from the hotel to the con.

Casual Clothing
Just in case something tears beyond repair or you simply need something more comfortable to wear around the hotel room or even if your going out to dinner you will want some more comfortable clothing. I packed WAY too many pairs of casual clothing. So this year I'm only bringing a pair of jeans, a extra shirt, a dress and some leggings. Nothing fancy that I can slip on if I become too uncomfortable after a day of running around in a ball gown.

Seattle can often be very cold and wet. So just in case we aren't as lucky as last year (which was sunny the whole weekend) I'm bringing my F+F coat. During the evenings when we are eating dinner in the hotel, I always wear a sweatshirt. It's just comfortable for downtime.

Lolita dress
This is my main outfit for evening events. Concerts, late night events. I'm also wearing it on day zero. So I will be wearing it a lot. This will also be the dress I'll be wearing the full day three since it's always dead. If you are a lolita and are wearing full lolita the whole con I suggest bringing more than one dress just to mix things up each day. Do a different theme each day.

Socks are lounge time in the hotel room. I rarely walk around bare feet. Since I'm a bit larger I don't wear knee high socks with my lolita dress. I find them looking very bad on larger girls. Leggings are clean and often can make your legs and thighs appear smaller, leaner. Plus they don't fall down! I love leggings. I wear white lace leggings under my cosplay gown, I bring two pairs since leggings often rip easily. I also was bought pink and white leggings for my lolita dress. Besides that for casual clothing I'm bring a pair of black foot-less leggings. Bloomers and petticoat are for my lolita dress. The bloomers are also for wearing under my gown.

Bring your undies! XD

I love lounging around in my lounge pants after a long day of walking and nonstop fun. If you're staying in a room with lots of people bring something that your comfortable wearing but is also modest. You aren't staying at home or with your boyfriend, bring something that's comfortable not sexy.

Toothpaste, brush, floss
Be clean! You're going to be smiling most of the day for photos. You don't need blinding white teeth, just brush daily and make sure you don't have food in your teeth.

Mini shampoo and conditioner
Wash your hair! Even if your wearing a wig cap and wig. A long day wearing wigs will make even the cleanest hair yucky. So do us all a favor and wash your hair. That means shower! No one likes a stinky person.

Great for other uses besides cleaning your ears. They can be used for fixing make-up for example. You don't need to bring a huge case of them but it's a good idea to buy a mini case of them. Most stores sell mini cases of q-tips near the travel items.

Hair brush,wig brush,soft bristled brush
Holy cow! Three brushes? My normal hair brush is a must have. I have colored damaged hair from dying it over and over. So it tangles badly. Plus it helps to comb your hair before you put on a wig cap. The wig brush and soft bristled brush is for my wigs. Normally I wouldn't' use a soft bristled brush on wigs but my Gothiclolitawig needs it. I can't use the normal wig brush on it because of the unique waves.

Please, PLEASE wear deodorant. It's very important not to stink when your walking a lot and near tons of people. Be kind and wear deodorant, even if you shower.

Cosplay contacts,cases,solution
If your like me and are obsessed with cosplaying the character to a key, you wear colored circle lenses. I also have very poor eyesight. I mean bad enough to the point I HAVE to wear my glasses. So my contact have power (-5.00) so I can see while I cosplay! Of course with contacts you need cases and solution. Which I have. :D I'll post a review on the contacts once they arrive.

Female Hygiene
Every girl's favorite topic! Bring some just in case. You may not have your lady issues but a friend might . Bring a few items so you aren't stuck with a unpleasant surprise.

Perfume cane be fun! Not only to help cover your scent if your deodorant fails, but you can pick a perfume that matches your character. Some characters will often say what their favorite flower is or color. Chose it off of that. I wear it just because I like to smell nice. Harajuku girls is my favorite!

When cosplaying you should be ready to be stopped and have your photo taken. You don't want to be washed out. Even if you are a guy, it's best to wear at least some foundation. You won't look so ghostly, in less you are suppose to.

(I'll skip medical products.)

Sewing Kit
A must for any cosplayer. Not only do accidents happen but it's also more than likely to happen. Being in a place with tons of thousands of people and wearing large oufits, even from running around to catch the next event. Fabric rips. So make sure you bring your own sewing kit in case your con doesn't have a repair station.

Safety pins,bobby pins,wig tape
If you are caught with a tear in your outfit and you left your sewing kit in the hotel room or car, or even if you don't have one. Safety pins come in handle, simple. Bobby pins and wig tape are for the wigs and wig caps. Last time my heavy wig fell off more than once and pissed me off. It put me in a very bad mood. So this year we're buying wig tape and strapping our wigs down. Bobby pins help keep the wig cap on as well the wig.

Glue Gun
Good for props and even ripped fabric.

Our convention hosts a masquerade ball. So I made masks that suit our characters, since our friends are going as their Pandora Hearts characters to the dance, they talked us along. So we'll go and take pictures.

I.D,bar code (I listed badge but Sakura-con doesn't ship badges.)
It's always smart to bring your I.D. Just in case. For Sakura, we are e-mailed a bar code. If we don't bring that, we don't get our badges. So this is a must.

Camera set
I love taking pictures! They're memories your able to capture and hold on to. This year I'm going to be brave and take lots!

Netbook/wireless mouse
For lounge time during the evenings I like to go online. I also might have to work on my novel, so it's for work too. As well a good place to store pictures.

For our four hour drive up and back. If I don't have music in the car I get carsick. So that means no DS or reading in moving cars for me. I've made a few CDs for us to listen to on our trip.

Pillow, non-white case
I use a special pillow to help support my neck because it's always hurting because of my TMJ. It's one of those airbead pillows and it's super comfortable. As a child I got hair lice a lot so I don't like to use other people's pillows even if they are clean and in a hotel room. So I bring my own. It's good if your bringing your own pillow to use a different pillow case. Just so the white pillows don't get mixed up. Even through my pillow is smaller than hotel pillows I'm putting on my Alice in Wonderland case just in case.

And so that's my list. Pretty big but it's not too surprising having to bring a lot to a con. Just keep in mind what's important and to bring things you can't buy in a store or replace. Good luck.


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