Thursday, March 15, 2012

22 days Con talk (Birthday,Lolita, Drive, Packing, Health issues)

Holy crap. Time sure does pass quickly. It's already the 15th! I can't believe it! My birthday is in seven days! I'm so excited. I hate saying this but I'm very spoiled on my birthday. My mom can't resist buying me stuff on my birthday, even if she has already gotten me something. This year I am being very open minded to the fact they don't have much money so I'm only getting things I need. Meaning underwear! XD. The thing I'm most looking forward to is getting a waist clincher. For some weird reason I've always wanted one even through I'm losing weight and I have an hourglass shape torso. I wasn't going to get one but after looking at myself in my new lolita dress I decided I needed one just so I'm 100% comfortable being in it for hours on end.

Besides going shopping for under things, I'm hoping HOT TOPIC has this Hello Kitty bag that's on sale for 11$ It's shaped like an apple with a bear and Hello Kitty on it. So cute! I really need a new bag for when I wear my lolita dress to store things in. As well as when I'm cosplaying. Carrying around a HUGE Japanese schoolbag just was not doing it for me last year. It was heavy and hard to carry, plus I have a bad habit of stuffing bags full (especially when they are big)


SHOES! I just had to bring up this topic because I'm super excited. And it seems I also get shoes for my birthday! (Thank you Nico!) Anyway, My hubby (Nico) bought me a pair of rocking (Sorry about the pun) rocking horse shoes! I'm so excited. When I first started eying the lolita culture I fell in love with rocking horse shoes right away. Mainly because I was going through my goth phase (Yes, there will be blog post about my wacky childhood) Mine are black fake leather, ballerina style. That means the straps can go up to the knees. I didn't get the ones with ribbons simply because I had shoes with ribbons before that tied up to my knees and did not stay up and made me very annoyed. So I chose the leather strapped one that velcros in the back. I most likely will keep them around my ankles because things do not stay up on my legs.


The lolita dress I bought I'm not 100% happy with. Now that I've tried it on and worn it a few times (only in my room) And I see a lot of things that do not look good on my body type. I also am displeased with the fabric but it's good enough for a first time lolita buyer. I have a full outfit which I'm really happy about. This dress is what I'll be wearing on the drive over and the full day 0.

The outfit is built of....(No order)
1. Pink and white leggings (We Love Colors Review to come)
2.F+F bloomers
3. Rocking Horse Shoes
4.F+F Lolita JSK + matching bows(4)
5.Gothic Lolita Wig (Pink mixed with white)
6. F+F jacket (still haven't decided if it's going under or over dress)
7.Crown necklace
8.Classic white headdress (I added two fake flowers on it)

Drive over/Packing

I'm hoping to find pearl hair pins to clip the bangs of my wig back, because otherwise they get in my face. I have -5.00 eye sight and am very hard of seeing. I'll be wearing my pink cosplay contacts during the con but on day zero and the drive over I'll be wearing my big nerd glasses, It'll be too hard on my eyes if I wear contacts during the drive. My eyesight has been going down since I was in third grade and lately I've been having some issues caused by my TMJ (A jaw problem with the ball joint of the jaw bone) So I'll be stuck with glasses in less I want a bad headache.

The drive to Seattle from Gresham takes about 3 1/2-4 hours. That's a long time. We're planning to leave around ten (Nico says twelve but I'll be too excited) There is seriously nothing like the drive up to Seattle. I get so excited I have to listen to music in order to calm myself and to make sure I don't talk my hubby's ear off. We normally only have to stop once or twice to use the washroom and give Nic some time to rest. And our breaks are fairly short, so we should arrive around two or three. Which is good because we can't get into our hotel until three.

So far for our music, I have four CDs made. And about two or so more to make. Luckily we both like the same music so we don't have to fight over what we're listening to.

1. Miike Snow (Deluze Edition + The new song Paddling Out)
2. Ashburry Heights + remix album (Take Cair Paramour)
3. Panic! at the disco (Vices & Virtues)

CDs to make

1. Delphic (Acolyte)
2.Mix (Random songs) Might make two mix CDs

I was going to write about health issues and cons and how to deal/prepare with them but I decided to take the time and write a single post all about it. So that will be posted tomorrow. I'll also be adding some pictures and such to explain and show what I'm talking about. Since I doubt a lot of people know what TMJ is.

I also have a Review about We Love Colors tights coming up. I just need to take pictures of the product being worn before I post that. It might come out either tomorrow or some time later this week.

I'm still rewriting/getting new pictures of my wig for my upcoming review of Gothic Lolita Wigs. This review is positive. I really wish I had more money to buy another wig from them before the con but I don't. (Sad Face)

So that's just a little taste of what's to come this week. The week of Sakura-con I'll be doing a quick post each day explaining what we did, ect. But otherwise no large posts will come that week.


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