Monday, March 19, 2012

A new Challenge

I've never been one to challenge myself. I'm used to struggling through normal things...but the more I think it over the more I want to start writing a nonfiction novel. I know there aren't many nonfiction novels aimed at young adults talking about the struggle of depression and loss. I have this novel pictured in my mind. A short novel, long enough to answer questions but still short where the reader wants more. Each chapter starts with a photo, taken by me of course.

What would it be about?

My search for my sister's grave. How I found out about her. What happened in between now and then, how I struggled with the idea of having a sister, the people I meant and the people who bullied me. My life through middle school. How my depression started, what became of it. All the way up to my first year in high school. To the point where I started to search for my sister's grave. And how I found myself while doing so.

I know a lot of kids are being bullied now. To the point where the teens are killing themselves. I also know this has been happening for years. But I truly believe it started getting worse when I was in middle school. I've always wanted to inspire people. By doing this I can not only inspire but maybe push someone to get help, to speak up.

Some people go to therapy, I write novels. I may not be able to speak about what had happened to me all those years ago. And I may have locked a lot of it up, but I think this will not only help me come to terms with my past but help everyone I know and who was involved realize what they had done to the once cheery girl I had been.

Maybe I won't even get it published. Maybe I'll just post it on here as a way to relief my grief. I don't know. But I really feel I need to write it down before it slips from my mind completely. It'll be something new to the market (If I do get it published) because I'm not some doctor or stiff adult who's only researched these topics and has never lived through it. If I could help just one person I would be so happy. So that will be my goal as I write this novel. I'll think of that one person who I might be saving. And maybe someday they'll become real.

For now I'll start by outlining the chapters.

I already have a title chosen.

Living For You.


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