Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Multitasking- so much to do

There are only 29 days until Sakura-con. I'm overly excited. We'll be able to get away from all our stress and have four days of pure fun. We're also going with friends this time, so it'll be twice as fun. But I do have other things to do before I go and not just cosplay things.

I'm still trying to get Promise Me published. I haven't heard back from any of the query letters I've sent so I'll be sending out more over the week. I also still need to get my synopsis done and over with. Even though I'm nervous as hell about doing it.

I'm also working on another rewrite, Insomnium. So far I have very little written. I wanted to be done with it December first but I'm not so sure if I can do that. I'm planning on this novel being around 80k and no longer. So I may be able to do it if I get my butt in gear and write. It's hard to connect with the story and characters when I'm still thinking of my other novel.

My goal is to get into the twenties before I leave for Sakura in 29 days. I'm at 500 right now. Not sure if it's possible but I like challenges so we'll see. I may have to write during my down time at the con. But that's okay I suppose. I'm doing two things differently for this novel. One- I'm adding in an intro. Two- I'm switching character views every two chapters. I have done this before for the first few versions of Promise Me but changed it when I rewrote it. This time I'm going to make sure not to forget to add that in because most novels these days do not do that and I've read agents are always seeking that sort of thing.

Insomnium is a fantasy with numerous worlds and settings so it should keep me on my feet. I'm doing less romance and more mystery and horror. I really want to capture a certain feeling so I'm going a bit slower starting it than normal. Perhaps I have a bad case of writer's block. Not sure. Maybe I just need some extra strong coffee.


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